The beginner’s guide to choosing baby clothes

It’s an exciting new life chapter for new parents. A new person is coming into their lives, and they want to make everything perfect for that moment. Even though these are the happiest moments, they sometimes can be scary and confusing, especially if this is your first child. You start preparing the home for your bundle of joy and getting everything you need for the baby. One of the most confusing tasks for parents-to-be is choosing baby clothes. That’s why we prepared the essential guide – everything you need to know about choosing the right size, colors, and styles for your loved one. 

Don’t think long-term 

One of the main mistakes parents make when choosing baby clothes is buying too many items, for different seasons and in different sizes. As babies outgrow clothes very quickly, it is not easy to predict the size and weather conditions in the next months. Furthermore, don’t forget you’ll get gifts in your baby shower. That’s why you should go with necessities only, and then purchase the things as you need them. This will help you avoid baby clothes pile up, and having no time to put them on.


It is essential that your baby feels good in the clothes you pick, so it’s wise to choose organic cotton pieces. Stay away from clothes or covers that contain synthetics, and pick the pieces that are labeled low-fire hazard. This will ensure the baby doesn’t overheat during summer and stay as comfy as possible. 

Choose comfort over style 

When it comes to dressing a newborn, it is essential to always choose comfort over style. Surely, you should have some outfits for special occasions, but don’t overdo it. Choose clothes that are casual, flexible and comfortable, and made of good-quality materials. That’s why opting for onesies is a sensible decision – they are stretchy and easy to put on. This will help your baby feel good, and help you dress your baby faster.

The size 

When buying clothes for your baby, sizes are what many people find confusing. Even though baby sizes vary with brands, they usually have a newborn size (which is often labeled as 000 or 50) that should fit an average newborn. Also, there’s a preemie size for very babies, up to 7lbs. However, during the pregnancy, the doctor will update you on the weight of your baby, so you’ll probably have an idea of which size to choose. It is important to pick the clothes according to your baby’s weight, not the age as the labels can sometimes be deceiving. Also, it’s best to go for the next size after newborn, often labeled 3-6 months. Even though the sleeves can be a bit longer at first, they will fit after just a couple of weeks. And remember, babies, grow so fast, so don’t go over the board with too many items. 

How many items do you actually need? 

Now, let’s go to the most important part of baby shopping. The number of items will depend on the season of your due date. That’s how your shopping list will differ whether it’s warmer or colder weather outside. Either way, you want to have plenty of clothes since the very first day, as you will be too busy shopping once the baby comes. Either way, you’ll need:

  • 6-8 onesies and singlets 
  • 2-3 pieces of nightwear 
  • 1-2 pieces of outerwear, depending on the season
  • three tops 
  • 3 bottoms
  • 2 soft, cotton hats 
  • a couple of socks 
  • muslin wraps – great for wrapping, but also can serve as a light cover in the summer/spring
  • in case it is cold outside, you might need to get warm baby shoes, and a warm jumpsuit for outings.

The colors 

As you have the chance to plan the whole new wardrobe for your kid, you can be wise with colors and style. By choosing the items in a similar color palette, you can create a capsule-like wardrobe. This has numerous benefits for new parents:

  • it’s easy to mix and match, and always have a cute outfit;
  • you’ll save a lot of time deciding what your baby will wear;
  • other people won’t have trouble dressing the baby – as mothers always worry that dads won’t find the right clothes for the baby once it’s their turn to dress them, this may be a great solution;
  • you’ll save money on clothes, and also shop much faster.

The brand 

The baby fashion industry is so developed these days, and numerous brands offer great pieces for kids. However, if you want to make this shopping simpler and faster, decide on one or two brands to do the shopping. This decision will depend on your budget and your style. But it will be much easier to shop for similar-style clothes, and also figure out the sizes. Furthermore, if you share this info with your friends and family – they’ll know where to buy gifts and make no mistake. 

Don’t forget the safety 

Even though all of the baby clothes are cute, some may be unsafe for your baby. Be cautious when choosing baby clothes, and avoid pieces with tiny buttons, rhinestones, and other decorations. These are common choking hazards and should stay away from newborns. Check each piece you buy for any loose decorations or buttons, long straps, or ties, and ensure the item is safe for your baby. 

Choosing baby clothes should be simple 

We’re sure you’re excited about your new baby, and that’s why you should make this shopping as simple as possible. Fortunately, many brands offer online shopping, which can be a lot safer for moms-to-be. And if you go to the stores, make it simple and easy – take breaks, bring refreshments and have a great time.