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How is Organic Clothing Environment Friendly?

The fashion industry is fast evolving and they are gradually shifting their focus towards sourcing and production of ethically sustainable clothing production. The rising concerns about climate are forcing both the consumers and the producers to rethink their carbon footprints and adopt greener methods. Hence, they are choosing organic and hemp clothing over other fabrics and these are how they contribute towards environmental friendliness.

  • Growing organic cotton or hemp is the easiest or as the farmers think. They have a variety of options open to growing them that includes a wide range of climate as well as soil types. Large fields are also not a requirement because the saplings can be accommodated quite closely. No specific fallow period for growth or a lot of water makes it ideal for sustainable harvesting.
  • Hemp and organic cotton plants are quite resilient where they do not require the usage of fertilisers. They are also capable of extracting pollutants from the groundwater and soil and utilise them for their self-growth. These plants are known to produce a lot of bi-products too that has made these plants an ultimate favorite among the environmentalists and sustainable clothing businesses.
  • Consumers who are educated about fashion, always choose organic and sustainable modes of clothing over fast fashion, owing to the higher negatives than the positives. Consumers who are insightful about changing their wasteful buying needs, always rely upon these clothing modes. They majorly take up organic or hemp clothing, because little do they pose to be a threat to the environment.
  • These clothing lines pose to be a fantastic alternative to biodegradable clothing modes. They are not a threat to landfills when dumped in them. They are additionally great for the skin and do not irritate. And they are sustainable to the point that even for babies organic clothes are made.
  • These clothes are sturdy, durable, and of high quality. Consumers do not require them to replace them too often that ensures lower wastage. They reduce negative carbon footprints and also saves your money.
  • The fabric made is highly anti-bacterial which is also dyed naturally. They do not externally spew any more toxins into the environment, making way for large scale production of hemp or organic clothing. Without any environmental damage taking place, organic clothing puts sustainable fashion on the map.

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