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What is the Most Attractive Body Shape For a Woman?

Men love women who have a strong, healthy physique. They don’t need to have a disproportionately large butt, though.

A woman with the hourglass shape has a hip and bust measurement that is almost equal, with a clearly defined waist. Celebrities like Beyonce and Marilyn Monroe have this body type.

Diamond Shape

Diamond shape is characterized by narrow hips, broad shoulders, and a slim waist. This is one of the most desirable body shapes for women, and many men are attracted to this figure. Actress Megan Fox exemplifies this enviable body type.

The key to dressing a diamond body shape is to balance the shoulder and hip areas. This can be done by using clothing with a wide neckline or adding volume to the shoulders with embellishments such as puffed sleeves. Dresses with a cinched waist and a wide skirt can also look good on this body shape. A moto jacket in real or faux leather is ideal for the diamond shape since it will accentuate the shoulders and hips. A deep V-neck dress will look great on a diamond shape, as will wrap dresses, pencil skirts, flowy dresses, peplum tips, and tapered pants.

If you have a spoon body shape, your hips are broader than your shoulders. This is the opposite of the apple body shape, which is characterized by the opposite characteristics. The most flattering clothes for a spoon body shape are those that accentuate the waistline and create a balanced look. This can be achieved by wearing dresses with a plunging neckline, belted dresses, and skirts that flare out from the waist. You should avoid clothes that cling to the hips or have large prints, as these will draw attention to this area and not compliment your curves.

Hourglass Shape

Women with this figure have proportional shoulders and hips and a defined waist. They also have large breasts and a bra size of at least a C cup. According to Dr Devendra Singh from Texas University, men see this shape as a sign of fertility and are biologically programmed to respond accordingly. Think of Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Alba or Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio.

The hourglass is not to be confused with the pear or apple shape, where the hips are larger than the bust and the waist is narrower. This shape is considered more dramatic and requires a lot of attention to detail when styling.

If you have this shape, avoid oversized tops as they will make your boobs look bigger and will draw attention to them instead of the waist. Also, necklines must not unbalance the natural silhouette by visually widening the shoulder line or adding volume to it (like square or boat necks). Sleeves should also be fitted and not excessively long. Set-in sleeves that skim over the shoulder and chest are ideal. Look for shirts that accentuate the waist without drawing too much attention to it and are slimming, such as scoop and sweetheart necklines.

Rectangle Shape

A rectangle body shape consists of hips and shoulders that are roughly the same size in terms of width. They don’t typically have a curvy waistline like the hourglass or apple shapes, but they do tend to have a flat bust and narrow hips.

Rectangles can create curves in their figure through the way they dress. Look for dresses with ruching or other details that add shape and volume. Dresses that wrap or tie around the waist are also flattering on this body type, as they cinch the waist and help define it.

Skirts for this body type should be balanced with a fitted top. Flared skirts can also be a great option for a rectangle body shape, as they give the illusion of a slimmer waist and add volume to the lower half of the body.

There are many famous women who have a rectangular body shape, including Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, and Queen Latifah. Some people mistake busty rectangles for hourglasses, because they have the perfectly balanced hips and shoulders of an hourglass figure, but with a much fuller bust. The best part about this body type is that it’s extremely versatile and looks good in any style of clothing.

Pear Shape

The pear shape has full hips, buttocks and thighs in comparison to the bust and shoulders. The waist is well-defined and narrower than the hips. Some women with this body type have sloped or straight shoulders while others have wide, rounded shoulders. The torso is typically shorter than the legs, but it can be longer as well. The classic pear shape is often seen on celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and America Ferrara who all have wide shoulders, a defined waist and curvy hips.

The best clothing style for the pear shape is a long jacket or cardigan in dark colours that will help balance out the silhouette and elongate the torso. Tops should also have shoulder or neck details to help optically broaden the shoulders and bust area. Narrower necklines should be avoided in favour of wider ones like the square, bateau and Sabrina styles.

Narrower sleeves should be avoided as well in favour of cap, puff or cape sleeves that will add volume to the shoulders rather than accentuate their narrowness. A pear shape should also avoid any tops with pockets or patterns around the hips that will make them look wider.

Triangle Shape

A triangle is a closed figure with three sides and three angles. There are different types of triangles based on the length of their sides and the size of their angles (corners). A triangle is called equilateral or isosceles if its sides are equal, an acute triangle if any of its angles are less than 90 degrees, and a right-angled or obtuse triangle if any of its angles are more than 90 degrees.

Women with the apple body shape are full-busted and have narrow hips and shoulders. They tend to have thin arms and legs. Women with this body shape have a larger bust than their hips, so it’s important to find clothes that highlight the shoulders and bust while downplaying the hip area.

This body shape is also known as a straight or banana body, and it is often the most common. Approximately 33% of all women fall into this category. You’ll know if you have this body shape if your hips, waist, and bust measurements are within 5% of each other, and you don’t have a defined waistline. You may also have wider thighs and hips, but narrow shoulders and buttocks. The good news is that you have beautiful legs!

Athletic Shape

The athletic body shape is characterized by a muscular build and a low body fat percentage. People with this body type usually have a slim figure with a small waist and lean legs, hips, and butt. Athletes are often very active and enjoy sports like weightlifting, team sports, yoga, running, and exercises geared toward building muscular endurance. To develop an athletic body shape, people with this body type should eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.

Women with an hourglass body shape have perfectly proportionate shoulders and hips, and a well-defined waist that is narrower than their shoulders and bust. To highlight this curve-hugging body shape, women with this body shape can wear wrap dresses and off-shoulder tops, as well as tees and tube tops. They should avoid loose and boxy clothes, halter necks, baggy jackets, and gaudy accessories.

Women’s body shapes can change due to pregnancy, age, and eating habits. For example, pregnant women might have a bigger bust line or larger hips. Likewise, poor eating habits can cause someone to become an apple or pear shape instead of a rectangular shape. Moreover, a lack of exercise can turn an athletic body shape into a straight or rectangular body shape.

Oval Shape

Oval is a type of curve that resembles an egg. It is also called an elliptical shape and a flattened circle.

Its defining features are that the forehead is slightly wider than the chin and that the face is longer than it is wide.

People with this facial shape can pull off almost any hairstyle and makeup look. They usually have a light skin tone and a well-balanced face structure.

The study involved looking at full-face photographs of 21 purportedly beautiful actors, pageant winners, and performers across ethnicities and time periods to construct an ideal facial oval based on the average of their facial shape dimensions.

It turned out that most of them had a forehead width that was 4.3 times their intercanthal distance (ICD) and a vertical dimension that was 6.3 times ICD. This gave them an average ellipse with one axis of symmetry, though in some cases the ellipses did not have an axes of symmetry. There are many examples of oval shapes around us, such as the watermelon or a plant’s leaves. Interestingly, the pharmaceutical industry often uses oval-shaped pills for their ease of dispensing and for the fact that they do not leak easily.