What is the Flower of Eternal Love?

Indeed, roses are the flowers of love, but that doesn’t mean that roses are the only romantic varieties of flowers. Show your lover what you care about this year through gift delivery Singapore of a bouquet of peonies, sunflowers, or tulips; they symbolize happiness, prosperity, and romance. Talking about love doesn’t only mean verbal gestures like sending flowers matter as well!

Various folk cultures and traditions give plants symbolic meaning. Although these people are no longer out of touch with the old rural traditions and no longer generally understand them, there are still some survivors. Also, these meanings are mentioned in older pictures, songs, and works. New symbols have also appeared: in Britain, one of the most famous symbols is the red poppy, a memorial to the fall of war.

There are many kinds of flowers that represent love, but the most iconic is the red rose. The red rose is called the flower of love. The red rose symbolizes deep emotion and desire. Traditionally, red roses are used to symbolize love, but they are not the only ones who have won this title. Other agapanthus types include Peony, sunflower, or tulip, which symbolize happiness, prosperity, and romance. If flowers are not your favorite style, then lavender is a plant that symbolizes love and can be used to decorate gift delivery Singapore or as perfume beautifully. Read on to learn more about the most romantic flowers to help you customize the arrangement. To break it down, we categorized other flowers that express love through symbols of intimacy, family, or friendship.


Red roses are the most romantic flowers. No surprise that this classic flower bud is the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day. Probably because the red rose symbolizes love, romance, beauty, and perfection, this iconic flower is also known for its high price. Increase the price and make the rose gain a sought-after reputation. Like many flowers, we will explore, red roses appear in different shades with different symbolic meanings. For example, bright red roses represent romance, while burgundy represents unfulfilled love. The classic red rose is usually the best choice to express your deepest affection. Besides, a blue rose expresses mysterious love and a start of someone new and special.

Gerbera Daisies

Daisies are famous for symbolizing beauty, innocence, and purity. Gerbera varieties, known for their large flowering heads, are available in various fragrant shades, which give them a pleasant extra meaning.


These rare flowers symbolize love, beauty, luxury, and power. Also, they send exotic, seductive messages. If someone gives you orchids, they are wilder than the person who bought a rose. As time goes by, the preservation of orchids in bouquets and pots is also very good. For a mysterious and unique love, the popular orchid has been the preferred gift delivery representing exquisiteness, luxury, and mystery for many years. The exotic bloom also symbolizes love, beauty, and strength, and is the perfect birthday gift delivery to express the lucky act of loving one’s special person.


These white oriental lilies usually represent beauty, class, and style. Anyone who sends bouquets with these expensive and dramatic lilies is very sophisticated. They know their partner very well. People like these stunning flowers with a pleasant fragrance.


These ruffled flowers represent charming and new love. For some reason, carnations are not good at rap, but they are wonderful flowers. Even better, these delightful flowers are both abundant and very affordable. Another of the many flowers that represent love is carnation. Carnations symbolize charm and distinctiveness. Pale red carnations are usually used to express respect, while darker carnations express deeper love and emotion. White carnations are related to purity and luck, and pink carnations are usually thanked.


Another flower that represents love is Peony. These fluffy flowers are usually associated with romance, prosperity, and shyness. Some people even think that they are a good luck charm, which brings good luck to those who receive them. Peony also has its origins in Greek mythology: As a myth, Apollo once turned beautiful fairies into Peony, if Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, knew that he was flirting with them.

Peonies often appear in wedding bouquets and are closely related to Chinese culture. As an official symbol of China, this flower plays an important role in traditional events such as holidays and the Chinese New Year. The Chinese name “Most Beautiful” translates to Peony. Show your love by telling important other people that this flower is the most beautiful.


Although this variety is technically a 10th-anniversary flower, this lucky flower, a special gift delivery for you on Valentine’s Day, will bring you good luck and happiness for 12 months.

Pink Asters

Aster is named for its star-shaped corolla, which represents love, charm, and sensitivity. These pink flowers are the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love.


These fiery red flowers are all about love and passion, so if you feel romantic, you can give them to a lovely lady. White, purple, and blue chrysanthemums are especially useful when expressing friendship. When mixed with other popular, friendly flowers, the delicate petals send out a message of joy, optimism, and loyalty. They are also very popular in corsages and are usually used for decoration on formal occasions.


Tulips represent perfect love. The elegant and easily recognizable flower is one of the most popular flowers globally, but it is most often associated with the flourishing Netherlands in the 17th century. They convey comfort and warmth and are a good choice for Valentine’s Day because they are both classic and affordable.

The red rose followed closely and became popular to celebrate spring holidays such as Easter and Mother’s Day. Tulip means perfect love. Like many flowers, tulips of different colors often have their meaning. Red tulips are most related to true love, while purple symbolizes the royal family. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved from once representing hopeless love to becoming a common way of expressing happy thoughts and sunshine. White tulips are used to declare their worth or send messages of forgiveness.

No matter which Valentine’s Day you are celebrating, choosing a gift delivery in Singapore to convey warmth and love is a difficult task. On Valentine’s Day, create many flowers, each of which represents a different symbol of love. For inspiration, check out our most romantic arrangements, which will instantly put a smile on your love’s face.