What Is So Special About Lily?

A florist always places the lily bouquet as their special item. This flower is so mesmerizing with its unique shape and diverse shades as well. White is not the only color that you could find, there are more, from the soft up to the bright ones.

The examples are orange, red, yellow, and many more again. You should know that they may have different meanings and philosophies, it is recommended to gain more information about it first before sending them as a gift. You can find the orange lily bouquet here.

Have you ever heard that a bouquet of this flower is mostly considered as a special item? It is so reasonable. However, it is always interesting to find out more about the reasons why these items are called like that. Here are the answers.

Some Lilies are Edible

It is a fact that it may be unknown to most people. Actually, this plant is usually used as a decoration. However, you must know that some species are edible or they can be consumed safely. That is so interesting even though it is not for daily consumption.

Usually, people in the past would eat them in certain precarious situations, an example is when you are in wild nature. It is better to do some researchers first because it is based on the fact that some species are poisonous. 

The Special Symbol in Several Countries

The meaning of the Lily bouquet in each country is quite diverse. Usually, it is based on the culture and history owned by a place. This item is considered a sacred flower in Syria, and the meaning of this item based on Chinese Feng Shui is ‘abundance’ or symbolizes abundant life. 

Still from the Plains of China, this thing is considered a symbol of ‘True Love’. That is why; they can be used as a decoration in the wedding moments and other special occasions there. Arranging them in a bouquet is also a great idea.

In ancient Europe, it was used as a determinant of social status. Those who use Lily’s flowers as jewelry are those from the royal family or the noble family. You must know that this thing is also the number two favorite flower in the world after.

Lily Bouquet has the Sweet Scent

Almost all of these flower species are white. They have a distinctive and fragrant aroma as well. The white Lily Extract in the form of oil was once a trend of Egyptians a long time ago. They were used by the people in that ancient era.

Until now, its aroma was popular enough that many perfume brands relied on Lily’s scent for their products. That is why a lily bouquet will become a special gift for other people. The fresh floral will create a truly sweet scent.

But that is not the case with other colors that they have, other shades than white generally do not have a distinctive aroma so they are not used as fragrances. It is the Tiger species that have a sweet aroma character.

Very Long Life Species

After getting a lily bouquet, you may want to replace them with a vase. That can be a mesmerizing table flower or other decorations. It is a smart idea since this item has a very long life characteristic.

In fact, these floral creatures have a very long life before they finally wilt to death. However, their pollen can speed up the process of withering the flowers. Clean the pollen that falls on the petals using a toothbrush to treat your lilies.

The good thing is that this flower is easy to plant, they can live and grow well in almost all areas in this world. It means that the stocks in the florist can be available the whole year. You could order the lily bouquet at any time.