Trendy Designs for Brides and Bridesmaids

Common questions that come to mind whenever someone prepares to spend money on a designer bridal lehenga include “Is it worth investing since I won’t be able to wear it more than once” and “How to design lehenga dupatta draping in different styles so that it may be repeated” 

Well, nothing non-surgical, at least, alters your appearance more quickly than a lehenga dupatta draping. If you alter the lehenga dupatta draping the next time you wear your anarkali or lehenga, it will appear brand-new even though you may have already worn it once and had your photos posted all over Facebook. Even brides might stand out by adding a new lehenga dupatta draping or redistributing an old one. While there are some common lehenga dupatta draping that everyone is familiar with, we have selected the most elegant lehenga dupatta draping designs. We even have various lehenga dupatta draping designs based on different materials, which is an added plus! 

While those are double lehenga dupatta draping styles, we walk you through all the other options – single and double lehenga dupatta draping, so you may browse and compare them all at once. 

Single Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles

Here are all the single lehenga dupatta draping designs that we suggest for brides. These are frequently used for more intimate gatherings, although some brides opt to wear a single lehenga dupatta draping on their wedding day.

  • Just pinned on top of the head and dragged forward on the arms and chest: If you only want to wear one dupatta and want to highlight your waist and gorgeous shirt, this lehenga dupatta draping is a great and very modern design for the wedding day! 
  • Wearing the same dupatta over the head and chest: This lehenga dupatta draping is a very traditional method of donning a single dupatta. Sikh brides tend to like this method because it is both simple and elegant looks. 
  • Pinned on the head with one side pinned to the wrist: This lehenga dupatta draping look is one of our favourites since it gives a very gipsy vibe. You can be sure the dupatta won’t move because it is fixed at the wrist and on the head. Additionally, you don’t need any extras for the wrist where the dupatta is fastened. Another benefit. 

Double Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles  

Here are some double lehenga dupatta draping designs that we’ve recently been admiring. Some of them are tried and true, while others are brand-new. 

  • One over the head, the other pushed forward, around the wrist, and left loose on the shoulder: Now, this lehenga dupatta draping style appears to be one of the most common ways to drape a double dupatta, and it does have a very traditional and “bridal” appearance! 
  • One pleated over one shoulder, the other draped over the head and shoulders: The bride would look stunning on her wedding day with this double lehenga dupatta draping style.
  • One with a waistbelt fastened over the head and shoulders, and the other pleated like a saree: This lehenga dupatta draping in which the waistbelt securing the dupatta at the waist, allows the bride to easily dance her heart out or go down the aisle.


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