Top Tips to Brew Better Coffee at Home

What are the top 10 Malaysian coffee brands? Singapore and Malaysia are just a bridge apart, they share many excellent brands of instant coffee. Mastering how to brew the perfect coffee never used to be a necessity. You only needed to take a walk to your favorite café to get your serving. Everything is, however, fast-changing.

With the world undergoing a lockdown, so many places, including the cafes, were closed. Your love for coffee though remains intact.

Here are some of the tips to get your coffee dose at home.

  • Upgrade your beans

As the ingredients determine the taste of your food, so does the bean quality of the coffee. Top-quality beans make the best coffee to drink. 

One of the common ways to upgrade your bean is by moving from the ground bean to whole-bean coffee. Grinding the coffee by yourself before brewing helps enhance the caffeine. 

Most coffee lovers tend to settle for the basic bean due to price constraints. Still, you don’t have to break the bank to get good beans. Several top Malaysian coffee brands are available to get you going. Whether its luxury coffee brand or a local coffee brand, we love them. 

  • Use a scale

When was the last time you used a scale to measure the quantity of coffee you take? To most people, never. Instead, they rely on the common guide of 2 tablespoons of coffee per cup.

What is lost to most coffee lovers is that various coffee has different size and density. As such, a tablespoon of a single coffee brand can weigh differently from another coffee brand.

Using a scale is the only means to ensure proper measurements for your coffee making. Instead of relying on volume, you can use weight for the best coffee.

  • Use a Burr Grinder

The coffee particle size determines the speed at which the flavor gets extracted. If you are looking to make better coffee at home, you need smaller coffee particles for faster extraction.

The uniformity of the particles also matters. The particles of the same size extract at the same time hence a musical taste for your coffee.

A Burr Grinder is your best shot towards getting the smallest and uniform of coffee particles at home. The grinders come with a wide range of settings for the perfect size of coffee.

  • Use Filtered Water

Water is the biggest part of coffee. You get the water right; then, you are likely to have a consumable brew.

In most places especially Singapore, tap water is clean enough to brew the perfect coffee. However, other places tend to have water with tastes and odor. This is not the best water for brewing as the taste and smell will pass to the coffee.

Using purified water is the only way to ensure you don’t meet the water impurities for your coffee. Also, avoid distilled water if you are using bottled water due to the mineral components.

Bottom Line 

Brewing top-quality coffee is not a reserve for your favorite hangout spot. Use these tips to start making better home coffee. With the right coffee bean, grinder, and water, you are halfway to making that ideal coffee. Set them all up in the right quantity, and you have your mug. Coffee goes really well with donuts, we are loving it.