The Moissanite Rings: Simplicity With Style

Asking for a hand is not just that, and every man who has ever decided to kneel knows that very well. After all, just choosing the perfect engagement ring requires a lot of effort and brings with it a lot of questions. What style of engagement ring will she like? Is zircon or diamond better? Or will it be the beautiful Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings? What size engagement ring to choose? No worries take a look at our guide and read how to choose an engagement ring step by step.

  1. Engagement ring style

Before you even embark on the search itself, get an idea of ​​the style of the engagement ring that your partner would like. This is the only way to avoid a situation in which you get completely lost in a flood of classic, delicate or non-traditional engagement rings, and in the end you choose one at random. Maybe your girlfriend once inconspicuously indicated to you which engagement ring would look great on her ring. If not, take a secret look at her jewelry box or contact her friends and family.

You probably already know your partner, you know what she likes to wear, whether she suffers from significant details or whether she is rather simple. While you will excite the romantic nature with a traditional engagement ring with a diamond inserted into the crown, you will not be very impressed by the passionate athlete. You can find out about which style of engagement ring is suitable for different types of women in our article Romantic or Classic? Choose the right engagement ring.

Tip: Leaving aside climbers or minimalists, a large number of women long for a glittering engagement ring, the glow of which dazzles the whole area. In short, they want the ring to be visible. There are times in life when you don’t have to stay grounded and this is one of them.

  1. Engagement ring material – yellow gold, white gold or platinum?

Next, you can choose the material of the engagement ring. You will probably not be surprised that gold in all its forms still leads the most, so we recommend not to think about a silver engagement ring. Gold reflects quality, tradition and the guarantee that it will look good in decades to come.

White gold engagement rings

In recent years, white gold engagement rings have become a clear choice for most men, beginning to lag slightly behind traditional yellow gold. Precious stones stand out beautifully on them, especially diamonds, aquamarines and sapphires.

Yellow gold engagement rings

Choose an engagement ring made of yellow gold if your loved one suffers from a classic and that you have already seen yellow gold on it a few times.

Rose gold engagement rings

Rose gold engagement rings are also becoming popular. The engagement ring wrapped in pink will enchant especially eternal romantics and cute princesses.

Platinum engagement rings

Less famous, but of the highest quality, are the platinum engagement rings. Platinum is one of the rarest metals and, unlike gold, is not subject to corrosion. Ladies with sensitive skin will also appreciate being hypoallergenic. Platinum engagement rings are indestructible, premium and, of course, also the most expensive.

  1. Price – how much to spend on an engagement ring?

How much should an engagement ring cost? Honestly, there is no clear amount you should spend on an engagement ring. Like this amount, it has absolutely no relation to how much you value your other halves or how much money you make per month. The Affordable Moissanite Rings are the best choices in these cases.

The price of an engagement ring does not have to equal three of your salaries

There are many myths about the price of an engagement ring. For example, the price of an engagement ring is equal to three of your salaries. However, it is only a historical marketing move of a well-known mining company, the intention of which was to vacuum men’s wallets. Buying an engagement ring should not ruin or force you to borrow. You can buy a beautiful engagement ring with a diamond from us for 13 thousand crowns. With the weight of a diamond, which you will find under the abbreviation ct, its price increases again.

Tip: The higher the quality of the metal, the workmanship and the number and quality of the diamonds, the higher the price of the engagement ring. Try to estimate how important the value of the engagement ring is to your girlfriend. If very, then she may freeze if she gets cheaper zircon instead of the dream diamond.

Interesting fact: General surveys show that, on average, men spend 75% of their monthly salary on an engagement ring. In addition, some people see engagement rings as an investment that is passed down from generation to generation.

  1. Engagement ring gem is zircon or diamond better?

The gem of the engagement ring then depends on the amount you set. If you want to fit in the order of 10,000 crowns, choose between engagement rings with zircon. In that case, the door to the world of diamonds will remain closed for you. Diamonds and zircons differ not only in price but also in quality. You won’t recognize them at first glance, however, after about a year of wearing, the zircon will lose its luster, while the diamond will still be pretty shiny and shiny.

Engagement ring with sapphire or aquamarine

If we tell you that you don’t have to stick only to diamonds and zircons within the gems, but you can also reach for an engagement ring with aquamarine, ruby ​​or even a pearl without any worries , we will rather make the whole selection even more difficult for you. Therefore, sand into waters with other gems only if you are looking for a rather non-traditional engagement ring.

  1. Appropriate setting of the stone

Diamonds, zircons or other gems can be differently embedded in the engagement ring. Most often you will encounter embedding in crabs. Think of them as 2 or more small claws that grip the stone securely. You can also find such an arrangement on the iconic Tiffany engagement rings, where the droppers hold a protruding, round cut diamond.

Lunette seat

If your girlfriend lives actively and likes sports, she will probably be more comfortable with a lunette setting of a gem. You can tell this by the fact that the gemstone is surrounded by a metal rim around its entire circumference, just like on this elegant engagement ring.

Peacock settling

A wonderful and radiant effect on the engagement ring will also create a peacock fit. In this way, several small round diamonds accompanying the main central stone most often settle.

  1. The size of the engagement ring

If you already know what the engagement ring, which you carefully store in the box, will look like, congratulations! Now all you have to do is choose the right size of engagement ring. If you do not know how to deal with the size at all, ask us to send an orientation measuring ring to your nearby store or send online message to them.