Taking Care of Your Personalised Jewellery

The wearing of jewellery has a long history before it became part of people’s daily lives today. Back in those days, jewellery pieces are taken as a statement of one’s rank in society or a remembrance of a family legacy. As times change, jewellery pieces aren’t only worn by people living in elite communities and even by ordinary people to match an outfit or make it a part of their self-expression.

The need to take care of a thing unique to them is understandable, especially if it is a piece of personalised jewellery like a name necklace with a birthstone attached to it. Wanting it to last is natural, but the process of taking care of such jewellery feels complicated to some people—which in reality is the opposite.

Maintaining your jewellery pieces need not be challenging, so here are some tips to make your jewellery last long:

Take Off Your Jewellery Before Showering or Applying Make-Up, Lotion, or Perfume

People tend to forget this one simple reminder. Taking off pieces of jewellery or putting them on as the last thing after your hygiene preparations is a must. Bath essentials and beauty products have chemicals that can harm your jewellery pieces, such as losing their brilliance or accumulating dirt.

Be Smart About Safe Keeping

To keep your jewellery beautiful and shining, always keep them in a safe box. Customised jewellery boxes with soft felt lining are the most common and the best way to store them. But some jewellery lovers try to create their jewellery boxes out of shoe boxes and any soft fabric to keep them properly stored.

Never Sleep in A Jewellery

Another rule of the thumb is never to sleep while wearing your jewellery. Commonly, it caused more harm than good because they tend to break a chain or lose a stone is more likely to happen. Plus, it can harm the owner too!

For more information on how to take care of your jewellery, check out this Charming infographic.