Optimizing sleep- Why side sleepers should invest in the right mattress?

The importance of good sleep is obvious to everyone who sleeps on their side. Sleeping on your side is often recommended as the healthiest sleep position, but when you do not have the right mattress, tossing and turning throughout the night. The key is finding a mattress that properly supports your body type and sleeping style to help align your spine and alleviate pressure points. Read on to learn why the right mattress is critical for side sleepers and what to look for when purchasing a mattress for a side sleeper. 

Challenges side sleepers face

Side sleeping has many benefits, including reduced snoring and improved heart health. However, it also comes with some unique challenges that can stand in the way of quality sleep. For one, the contours of your body concentrate pressure on prominent areas like your hips and shoulders over hours spent in one position can cause pain and numbness in those sensitive regions.

Additionally, side sleeping allows your spine to fall out of alignment. Without proper support filling the gap beneath your waist, your upper body can sag while your hips and legs elevate. Experiencing long-term pain in the back and neck can be a consequence of this continuous diversion of the spine around its axis (known as extension rotation).

Right mattress can help overcome these obstacles

The key to solving these issues lies in finding a mattress specialized for best mattress for side sleepers. With advanced technologies that provide zoned support and pressure relief, today’s mattresses can promote proper spinal alignment and reduce discomfort at pressure points. The technology behind leading side sleeper mattress models does matter, so be sure to understand the unique structures and material combinations that set quality mattresses apart.

Top mattresses for side sleepers

Wondering which mattress models check all the boxes for side sleepers? Here are three excellent options to consider at different price points:

1. Overall mattress for side sleepers 

With a perfect balance of cushioning comfort and support, the Amerisleep AS3 takes the top spot for side sleepers. Its Bio-Pur® memory foam comfort layer cradles the body to relieve pressure while the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology offers zoned reinforcement under the back and hips.

2. Luxury mattress for side sleepers

For those wanting a premium feel, the Nolah Evolution 15-inch hybrid mattress delivers. It combines multiple foam layers for a plush yet supported sleep surface. Underneath, resilient pocketed coils and high-density perimeter foam provide an exceptionally strong structure with stability at the edges. With options to customize each side’s firmness, it’s a dream pick for couples too. 

3.  Best budget mattress for side sleepers 

As a top seller for over a decade, the Tuft & Needle mattress proves you don’t need the highest price tag to get quality. Its responsive, cooling T&N Adaptive® foam layer takes pressure off bony areas like the hips and shoulders. While simpler in design than pricier competitors, it gets the fundamentals right for side sleepers on a budget.