Enjoy the Luxurious Hotel Towels Even at Home

Have you ever been tempted by the hotel towel provided to you? Well, if yes, then you belong to the majority of people who succumbed to the temptations bring back towels from the hotels after the vacations. A huge number of Hotel towels (ผ้าเช็ดตัวโรงแรม, which is the term in Thai) were recorded to be missing from the hotels every year. This made the hotel officials start charging the customers for any towel lost from their respective rooms. Say, once the person is ready to leave the hotel, one of the attendants goes to check the room and then report for all the missing items.

Once you check in a room, the first thing, which you would check out, in the bathroom on holiday. Mostly, some fluffy, freshly washed stack of towels are arranged on the shelf or the tables of the room. This provides an opportunity for the people to easily tuck one or more from them inside the suitcase. Hotel theft and to be specific, the theft of towels has come forward to a common problem which, if caught, might probably bring some unpleasant consequences for the unlucky people.

You will find many people laughing at the serious discussion of these hotel thefts, but according to the fact and figures, such thefts charge the industry around $100 million almost every year. The hospitality industries have to recoup these losses, and so somewhere, this is the reason behind increasing rates of the hotel rooms.

What if One is Accused of Theft?

The housekeeping staff gives a quick inventory check once you plan to leave. In some budget hotels, they generally keep a low-quality towel, which, if missing, is replaced by them again. However, in the luxury hotels, which generally provide the expensive towels, they impose penalties and belated charges upon the guest room.

Hotel Towels Help in to Create a Refuge from the World

A home should be a place that would provide you comfort as well as a sense of pampering. Therefore, small details should be taken care of, which can make life feel special. Adding luxurious towels at the bathroom is one such way. Scented hand soaps in the soap dish along with the fresh flowers arranged in the vases are considered to be the best decorating tip.

So, get a luxurious towel as in the hotels arranged at your place and make your life a bit happier.