Candle Gift Basket Ideas for the Thrifty Side in You


Christmas is many things to many people: candy canes, stockings, fruitcake, pine trees and presents. Speaking of presents, nothing spells Christmas present as a candle gift basket and even more promising is a list of candle gift basket ideas.

And why not? It’s practical to have candles at home, just watch out on the risk of fires. It’s also very pretty and a mood setting, even for little kids. One idea is to get them wood candle holders, just to be safe and secure.

As for couples, well, put a pretty candle in the middle of the dining table, complete with a plain table cloth and you’re all set for a romantic time out away from housework and kids.

Here is a bundle that you can make on your own with a Christmas candle.

Materials you will need:

These are purely customizable. You can make as many as you can but also as few as you can afford. For thrifty ideas, make use of what you have at home or around the garage.

  • A box (if you prefer box)
  • A basket
  • Candles (duh)
  • Fillers of your own choice
  • Items such as soap, massage oil, a bottled wine, wine glasses, etc
  • A ribbon to wrap them all together
  • Gift tag to label which goes to whom with your own message
  1. The Luxurious Gift Idea:

Little tots

Originally for little girls, this would still pass off with babies’ fun sensory bath

1 customized candle stand

2 Customized candles shaped like angels

1 Multicolored bath bomb

1 Glitter soap shaped like stars

1 Bubble bath solutions

Spa Essential Kit, boxed with colored tissue paper as fillers

3 to 6 Scented vanilla candles, various sizes (2 large, 2 regular, 2 small)

1 pack of Luxurious bubble baths, no scent

A small bottle of red wine

2 Wine glasses

Optional: Incense sticks (for people who don’t like the scent of incense)

2 Aromatic oils (mint)

1 diffuser

1 massage oil

Christmas Decoration, boxed with desiccated hay as fillers

1 Candle with stand

4 Candy canes

4 Small Candles in tin, scented with cinnamon

1 bottle of liquid bath soap from Bath & bath

1 set of mini ceramic Christmas nativity ornaments

  • The Under the Budget choice:

Gift Basket (regular)

1 Candle Stand with customized message

4 small candles with tin containers, scented according to preference


1 candle stand with customized message

4 small candles with tin containers, scented

With any of the following:

1 fountain pen

1 blank hardbound notebook


1 set of colored pencils

1 blank spring sketch book


1 ceramic oil diffuser

2 aromatic oils (mint, lavender OR mint, ylangylang)

  • The I-don’t-have-anything-else-here Gift Basket

1 pair of candle stand with customized message

4 Candles with tin containers

1 small basket

These candle gift basket ideas are one pretty way of customizing your gifts. The secret is to be able to put your personal touch in these gifts. There’s no need to be very expensive. Some of the effort is a gift enough. Try your hand at candle gift basketing now.