Become a Trend Setter with These Long Kurti Designs

Kurtas are a massive hit and the most preferred choice whether it’s styling for a traditional event like Diwali, or occasions touched with slightly modern variations, like a light and sweet family get together. For any occasion, entering the venue in a long, dazzling kurti will undoubtedly drop everyone’s jaws.

Long designer kurtas are gradually making their way up in the fashion world. Having some in your closet can do wonders in leaving remarkable impressions and positively increasing vanity. By including the long kurti designs mentioned below in your daily wear, work, friend-meets, outings, etc., you can soon evolve into an icon to look up to and become a trendsetter. So, let’s get started with this!

Floral Print Slit Kurtis

Nowadays, more and more women are siding with lighter versions of ethnic wear to introduce the cultural spice into the daily recipes of fashion. And one of the most admired designs is that of a floral print Kurti running up to the ankles. An exotic choice for your spring and summer wardrobe collection, floral patterns with flowers, leaves, petals in a vibrant range of colours can leave a soothing and calming effect on your mood and others. To add an element that would upgrade your entire outfit to match with today’s fashion, picking designs with high slits is an excellent way to go.

High Neck Printed Kurtis

One thing that is never going out of style is printed ladies Kurtas. With many enrapturing designs, pleasing differing mindsets and personalities, the printed variations of these dresses have flooded the market, sometimes even overpowering the modern taste in the Indian fashion industry.

And high necklines matched accompanied quartered sleeves can leave these printed kurtas adorned and more desirable than ever before. Such a combination succeeds in giving a more sanguine and self-assured appearance, wrapping you up in an optimistic and confident aura.

Mono-Toned Cotton Angrakhas

The thing about Angrakhas is that they are astonishingly simple and dazzling, both simultaneously. The subtle balance maintained between these two features is what makes women more inclined towards them. A V-shaped neckline stretching into an overlapped blouse area often ending into a dori, and the fabric running like an airy gown from the waistline is what you need to be at utmost comfort.

Plain, mono-toned angrakhas with printed borders, paired with oxidised and minimal jewellery is what you are looking for if you desire an aesthetic appeal.

Plain Black Kurti With A Decorative Jacket

Another option in mono-tone variations but for more cultural occasions like wedding rituals or other festivities is rooting for a single-toned rich black Kurti tailored out of light and slightly glowing fabric material like satin or silk. When blended with an embellished and starring jacket (like a blazing golden jacket), the resulting outfit can serve to steal your heart within seconds.

Shirt-Style Colour-Block Kurtis

If you wish to steer towards the modern ethnic wave influencing today’s women and in sync with the evolving lifestyle, purchasing shirt-style colour-block long kurtis should be your ultimate goal.

An outfit with a jolly and lively vibe, a colour-block offers a unique pattern, representing abstracts and providing illusions, which can help highlight or suppress certain body parts. The shirt-style cut itself is revolutionary, transforming the kurtas into a complete dress that’s sporty and even suitable for formal events.


The best part of long kurtis is that they can be worn as dresses and you need not spend time matching colours and designs and stressing about lowers. In case of slit kurtas, you can either root for multi-layered frock styles, if you do not wish to wear a lower, or if you do, quickly match with contrasting churidars, palazzos, dhotis or even jeans!