4 Self-Defense Weapons for Women


Safety while walking alone is a constant concern for women everywhere. Many women are taking control and learning how to defend themselves in various ways. Several enroll in combat classes, while others choose to carry a weapon to use in case of emergencies. If you are considering purchasing one of these weapons, check out these options for ideas!

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is one of the most well-known personal self-defense weapons. It is also found by other names such as tear gas or Mace, which is a specific brand. It emits a volatile aerosol that can temporarily blind an attacker, giving you time to run away and find help. Pepper spray is effective from a distance. Several brands can spray from six to ten feet away. This product often comes disguised as items you carry every day, and there are wearable models like bracelets.

Tactical Knives

Tactical knives are specialized close-range weapons. While they are small and unassuming, they can be very damaging when used properly. Most of them are no longer than three inches and can also be used for camping or everyday tasks. Like pepper spray, these can take the form of items like hairbrushes or pens. They can be carried in a purse or attached to your belt using a clip. Using a tactical knife also lowers the risk of putting bystanders in danger should a confrontation arise. They can only be used on someone in your immediate range.


Handguns are arguable the most well-known weapons used for self-defense. While many find them intimidating, they are manageable and effective with proper training. Handguns are lethal weapons, so they should only be used as an absolute last resort and only if no other options are available. Before purchasing one, research the options available and enroll in a gun safety course. You can carry a handgun safely concealed on your person. They can be holstered around the waist or carried discreetly using products like gun concealment purses.

TASER Devices

TASER devices have been used by law enforcement for several years. Recently, they have been developed for use by public citizens. They project two small electrodes that deliver a strong electric current that is capable of incapacitating an assailant. These weapons work from a far range, allowing space between you and an attacker. Some models are effective up to fifteen feet away. They are more expensive than other self-defense weapons, but they are incredibly effective.

Your personal safety should be your top priority. Consider equipping yourself with one of these self-defense weapons to bolster your confidence and to ensure you are protected when you need it most.