4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Promotional Gift Items

Giving away promotional gift items is a tried and tested marketing strategy. Just as a good product can improve your brand awareness and bring in new customers, a bad one can lead to the loss of customers and brand image. To see a wide variety of products to choose from, you can consider looking at the catalogue of Concept Plus Canadian promotional items.

The mistakes in the selection of these promotional products can be avoided if you know the possible mistakes and then avoid making the same ones yourself. Do consider some of the big mistakes listed below:


  • The Products Selected Are Not Suitable for Your Customer Segment


It is important that you cater to the wants of your audience and not your own. The product selected must be of relevance to your consumers. Do keep in mind the demographic profile of your consumer and select the products accordingly. For example, if your company is a producer of high calorie food, gifting a step counter could work as an incentive to burn down the extra calories they accumulate by eating your product.


  • Not Providing Optimal Information


The promotional products often carry either too much or too little information. Having just the company logo is not enough information and leaves room for losing possible leads. Adding a few contact details could work wonders as the consumer would know how and where to reach you. Excessive information can be off-putting as consumers are likely to lose clarity on the product being addressed. 


  • Waiting Too Long to Get the Best Deal


If you are going to host an event or are going to run a promotion for a duration, you must decide on the product with enough time on hand to check your product order. If you order products at the last minute, you may not get the desired number of pieces, though manufacturers do try their best to supply the items. You might get pieces with an error that you were unable to catch before it went for mass production and you would have no time to correct the mistake. 


  • Using Price as the Sole Factor to Choose the Items 


We all agree that price is the most important factor when selecting a product, but it can never be the only factor. By getting swayed by a low cost, if you do not pay attention to the quality and the suitability of the product, you will not be successful with your promotion. A product can be good only if it is able to match all the requirements of a good promotional product.

This product is very important for supporting your brand and requires suitable planning and preparation. Buy suitable products keeping your audience in mind well in advance for your promotion so that you are never stressed.