Why Only Buy Certified Alexandrite Stones And Jewelry From Jewelers?

We urge you to be wise when you plan on buying alexandrite stones or jewelry. Remember, alexandrites are costly and a prize to own, and they are rarest of the rare gems to be found on the face of this planet. This is why collectors and museums prize and keep these possessions very safe.

Why buy only Certified Alexandrite?

We are honoured when you come to us to buy any alexandrite stone or jewelry. But we ensure to educate you on the four Cs of the stone first- the clarity, the cut, the cart and the color of the stone. The color changing properties of the alexandrite is the most important.

We also want you to know that the stone you choose from us will be 100% authentic and genuine, and we will provide you with a certification. This is an investment you are making and would need certified alexandrite pieces that would be passed down to future generations.

This is why you should only trust a jeweler who provides you with an authenticated certificate for the alexandrite you buy from them. It’s about holding a prized possession for life, you see.

We sell only real alexandrite jewelry

When you shop from us, take your time to pick and choose the pieces you want. If you need guidance and help, do not be shy or hesitate to ask for the same. We are always available to help you. Remember, we only sell real alexandrite jewelry, one of a kind and top-notch. This means you’re not only buying alexandrite jewelry, for now, but you are also investing in something that will go down for generations.

But we encourage you to check for authenticity and certification for all that you buy from us and verify it with authorities. You would see that what we sell are real high-quality and certified items. We make no bones about what we have, and even the Alexandrite Cost would fit all budgets and needs. So there is something always for everyone at our stores.

Treat it as an investment

When you see alexandrite for sale with us, do come and have a look. If you want your jewelry to be customized, we can also do that for you. All you have to do is ask for the same, which shall be granted. But do remember, this is not just a one-time buying- it is an investment you make for life. This piece you buy now would be worth the planet a generation down. You could also hand it to future generations as a family heirloom. Hence, alexandrite jewelry is unmatched and priceless, timeless too.

If you are planning on buying an Alexandrite pendant, gem or jewelry, do come to us for the best and the rarest ones. We would first like you to visit our website, which is and if you would like to speak with us, do call us at +1 (212) 382- 1314, and our customer care staff will resolve all your queries.