Why Are Oakley Sunglasses Popular?

If you want to know why Oakley sunglasses are popular, look no further than their quality and build. The company has become synonymous with rugged, quality sunglasses. Since the early 1990s, Oakley has been the status accessory for special ops guys in the U.S. military. According to many consumers, although they aren’t the cheapest sunglasses, they’re well worth the investment. Listed below are some of their best features.

Prizm lenses deliver enhanced color and contrast.

If you’re an active user, you probably know that Oakley sunglasses feature Prizm technology, a breakthrough in lens optics. This revolutionary lens technology improves color perception by amplifying specific wavelengths and reducing exposure to other types of light, which is not typical for most eyeglasses. This feature enables you to appreciate the color of objects on a broader spectrum. In addition, it enhances contrast and color recognition and improves peripheral vision and reaction time, improving your performance and overall quality of life.

In addition to improved color contrast, prizm lenses on Oakley sunglasses are also activity-specific. They improve contrast on actual colors, such as red, green, and blue. Prizm lenses also include polarisation, which blocks out 99% of glare. This makes them ideal for sports and outdoor activities. Prizm lenses also improve peripheral vision, allowing you to see details better and distinguish transitions easier.

Three-point fit system

The patented three-point fit system on Oakley sunglasses is a fantastic feature. It allows the glasses only to touch the wearer’s head in three different locations: the bridge, the rear, and the temple tips. This system is comfortable, but it also prevents pressure from building up in one area. The result is better optical performance and less stress on the wearer’s head.

One of the first sunglasses to utilize the Three-Point Fit system was the Oakley Gascan. It is built with a stress-resistant and lightweight frame and features Oakley’s patented PLUTONITE and XYZ OPTICS. The gas can also fits over more prominent faces and easily slips under helmets. In addition, the three-point fit makes the glasses extremely comfortable and secure. And they are an excellent option for people who live an active lifestyle, like bikers or surfers.

Subtly aggressive look

Oakley sunglasses’ trademark, the opportunistic look, has inspired other brands to mimic the style. This aggressive and ominous look has inspired many to copy this brand, but the eye protection they offer sets them apart. Oakley sunglasses are marketed to people who live and work in the suburbs. They are not cheap, but they are very accessible, and they are worn by people who value fashion over utility.


Even though the best pair of Oakley sunglasses cost around $200, not everyone can afford them. While this may seem like an exorbitant price for sunglasses, Oakleys are worth every penny. They’re tested to withstand high impact and are safety-rated. As a result, they’re one of the safest brands for active people. However, the quality of Oakley sunglasses varies significantly.

Despite the price tag, Oakley sunglasses are renowned for their lenses. Their High Definition Optics lenses ensure maximum clarity and are laser tested to ensure they’re 100% free from defects. High Definition Optics is another critical feature, as it means that you’ll never have to worry about a pair of sunglasses losing their clarity even when scratched. The lenses also feature a hydrophobic coating that prevents spots, streaks, and contaminants from affecting your vision.


There are several types of Oakley sunglasses available on the market. The main variety is black sunglasses. Depending on the style and the brand, they also come with different color trims. In addition, the lenses come in various colors, with some featuring reflective properties. Similarly, Oakley collaborates with several NFL teams that provide these sunglasses with team logos. Finally, if you’re looking for a pair of polarized sunglasses, Oakley has several designs.

The price of Oakley sunglasses depends on the brand. The brand has a high level of recognition and spends a lot of money on marketing campaigns. However, this doesn’t mean that the product is inferior. Many Oakley sunglasses are more expensive than those from lesser-known brands. As a result, some people find cheaper options from other brands. Knowing whether your budget can support these premium models if you want to wear sunglasses.