What Chocolate Means as a Gift?

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you perhaps wonder about their melting taste inside your mouth as you read these sentences? We will now talk about the food of all-time favorite, loved by most people worldwide, which are the chocolates. When discussing these brown-colored foods, we might wonder about choco bars that we often ate or the brown powder used as toppings on the top of our favorite beverages. Exactly, all of them are types of chocolates. They can vary from sweet milk to super dark and also the ones in powder.

There’s a long process that needs to be passed to make this delicious snack. It starts from the Theobroma cacao tree’s seeds, known as cacao beans. After harvesting the cacao beans, they went through the drying and roasting process. After roasting, the beans will be ground to produce three kinds of products: cocoa butter with a smooth and solid texture, the liquor, or the grounded cacao beans. The differences between them are the percentage of cocoa butter and liquor that the choco contains and the percentage of milk solids, sugar, and other ingredients. Thinking about the whole process, it must’ve been a tough one, but the result for this mouth-watering food is very worth it.

Aside from being simply delicious, this snack also harbors many benefits. That is why this food can be a perfect gift for every chocolate lover, plus you don’t have to worry about the recipient’s age when sending this gift, as people of any range of ages can enjoy it. You can order a box of it or have it wrapped as a thoughtful gift by ordering via chocolate bouquet Singapore. A bouquet of this mouth-watering snack surely will be well-received by your recipient!

Types of chocolates

Before choosing which choco you’re about to give as a present, make sure that you’ve already well-acquainted with their types. Below we have compiled the facts and differences between these ten varieties, from the semisweet and bittersweet ones! You only need to note that not all types of chocolates are ready to be given to your receiver, as some varieties are ideal for cooking ingredients, not to be provided as it is.

  1. Milk Chocolates
    This type is the most popular type that contains about 10 to 40 percent of cacao, mixed with sugar and condensed milk or milk solids. They are much sweeter than dark or bittersweet ones with a lighter color and less chocolatey flavor. However, they are not preferable for baking because they are prone to overheating. They are perfect as a gift for your beloved ones who love sweet foods or add them into a fruit basket for a sweeter touch. You can easily order it via fruit basket Singapore which is available all the time. 
  2. White Chocolates
    This variety only contains cocoa butter but doesn’t contain any cacao products or liquor. It doesn’t have a very chocolatey flavor. Instead, they resemble the taste of vanilla. They include a minimum of 20% cocoa butter, 15% milk solids, and a maximum of 55% sugar. You can give this one to someone who prefers a less chocolatey taste.
  3. Dark Chocolates

This type contains cacao butter, sugar, and choco liquor, and vanilla for flavor, and lecithin as an emulsifier, without any milk solids. They have about 30 percent up to 80 percent of cocoas and taste bitter. Bittersweet and semi-sweet choco also belong to this type, but they are used for baking purposes. Because they mostly taste bitter, some may not like this variety, so make sure to know if your recipient loves bittersweet tastes or not.

  1. Semi-sweet Chocolate

This one contains about 35% of cocoa solids. Their taste falls somewhere between sweet, dark, and bittersweet chocolates. They are mainly used for baking. If you plan to give a cake for your gift, they can be the perfect mix to add to your batters.

  1. Bittersweet Chocolate

To be called bittersweet, this type must contain at least 35 percent of cocoas, according to the FDA, although most bittersweet bars have 50 to 80 percent. They have a deeper and more bitter flavor compared to the other types.

  1. Unsweetened or Baking Chocolate

Like how their name implies, they are pure chocolate liquor made from ground cocoa beans. They are not meant for consumption independently but best for baking and cooking or combined with other ingredients for a better taste. 

  1. Cocoa Powder

This powder is made from 100 percent cacaos with no sugar but with the butter extracted out, unlike the other types listed above. They taste very bitter and therefore must be combined with other ingredients for cooking and baking. They easily mix well with dough and batters.

  1. Sweet German

This category is a dark baking choco made by Samuel German. This type is created to be convenient for bakers, and the sugar has been added directly to it, making it sweeter than semi-sweet ones. 

  1. Couverture

This variety is expensive as it contains a higher amount of cocoa butter than other varieties. It is effortless to melt, making it become the perfect ingredient for tempering and making candies. 

  1. Ruby Choco

This is the newest type that was first formulated in China in September 2017. Unlike any other types above, this one is made from ruby cacao beans with a rosy hue.