Top 19V69 Italia Products To Buy This Year

Born in Milan, the distinguished name 19V69 Italia is Alessandro Versace’s baby. Never confuse this brand with that of Gianni Versace. With wide and practical experience in fashion and design, Alessandro Versace launched this concept with significant influence of Italian style, quality and grace. 19V69 Italia banks on quality and never compromises on this factor when manufacturing their products. As a brand, they promise accountability to itself, and also to the product and its consumers. Till date, they toil to further the brand by way of constant research, keeping a tap on the global trends and customer needs, and maintaining originality. In order to help the brand evolve, 19V69 Italia encourages water-tight relationships and stability in partnerships across the world.

If you have an penchant for perfection, choose a variety of products available under this label, and feel the difference you make to your appearance and overall presentability.

19V69 Italia t-shirts

There are a number of designs that you can choose from. You can start with their round-neck t-shirts that come with a logo either on a breast pocket or without it. Some of the t-shirts sport the logo right on the chest area to assert its quality and branding. If you prefer a polo neck, then you can go for the Bianco white t-shirt. They are incredibly comfortable and improves your overall look.

19V69 Italia jackets and coats

Your winter fashion is sorted if you choose to settle with 19V69 Italia winter apparels. Check out this Rosso Red Jacket that highlights your presence and also offers you the warmth you need during the colder months.

19V69 Italia sweaters

Round necks, high necks, hoodies, cardigans, or ones with zip closures, you name it, you get it. Take a look at this blue navy sweater that brings you extreme comfort and the ease of putting it on and moving out. The quality is indisputable and you are sure aware of the reputation of this fashion house.

19V69 Italia bags and wallets

Bags are an essential part of a lady’s semblance, and 19V69 Italia doesn’t fail to impress. For the corporate woman, who needs no excuse to possess the best of the brands, this exclusive red handbag is a perfect match. For a party goer, perhaps this lovely crossbody bag will ensure freedom of movement. Simply moving out with a friend for brunch, carry this cute Coffee Lady wallet that enhances your look.

19V69 Italia sunglasses

To complete your day-time getup, go ahead and accessorize yourself with some smoking hot pair of 19V69 Italia sunshades. Their sunglasses come with a carrying pouch, not a case, but they provide maximum UV protection. Adorn the style and flash these statement pieces for the ultimate look.

Buying the brand online

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