Things to keep in mind when purchasing heels

High heels look amazing, sexy and ultra-graceful with any dress. They can make any woman feel desirable and admirable. However, it is important that you choose it wisely so that you don’t end up regretting your buy, especially if you have paid a lot for it. So, here are some important points to keep in mind when buying high heels. These points will help you in buying heels which are gorgeous and practical.

Select the right size and perfect fit

Keep one thing in mind that different companies offer different shoe sizes. So, it is important to go through their size chart once and then go for the buy. It is important for high heels to be of the right size to keep the foot firmly in place. Loose heels may make slide up and down and will not allow you to maintain right balance. So, select the right size, irrespective of how beautiful the heel is.

Never go for a tight fit

Your heels should be slightly loos. If the heels aren’t wide enough, they may give you cramps and pain. When you are wearing high heels make sure there is a slight space for your toes to expand or you may develop corns, hammer toes etc. If you are buying pointy toe hells with a round almond shape then it will give more space to your toes.

Choose leather or suede high heels

It is suggested to invest in top notch leather heels if you wish to have comfy feet in the long run. High heels manufactured from suede, leather or combination adjusts perfectly as per your feet shape. It also prevents your feet from chafing. And lastly, the leather or suede heels last for a longer time period.

Look out for heel placement and thickness

When selecting high heels, see where the heel is sited. The heel should be sited below your heel. Also keep this in mind, the thicker the heel, the higher the support it will give to your body. Check out for platforms which distribute the weight of your body evenly rather than focusing at the heel. If you like, then go for thicker heels, to avoid spraining your ankles.

Keep the height of the heels in mind

High heels around 3cm to 9cm are comfy to carry. High heels put a lot of pressure on your ankles, knees and back and don’t give right balance. If you choose kitten heels, which are 4cm to 5cm in height, then they will be ideal for daily wear. You can also choose heels of 7-8cm for work. However, heels above this height should be only used as party wear.

Keep the purpose of wearing in mind

Do not wear heels just for the sake of it. Buy shoes matching the perfect lingerie or dress to bring your glam quotient outside. Once you are clear with your purpose and outfit to compliment with your heels, you can make your purchase. is one of the best places to buy high heels for you for any occasion.