The 5 Best Leggings That Every Woman Want In 2020

LadieswearLeggingsplay a significant role in making you look great. Leggings elevate your style game and make you look stunning effortlessly. Also, we are fortunate that there are endless alternatives. Some are good, while some are not, women can wear leggings on different occasions, and sometimes it will give you a casual look.

Leggings are so important for women that it comes in so many different types. It also comes in different fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, etc. Today we are going to guide you on the types of leggings that every woman must know about.

Below is the list that will tell you about the different types of Leggings.

1.Mid-Calf Length Leggings:

This type of leggings is the most famous among women. It looks so trendy and cool. It has a short length as it falls between the ankle and knee. This type of leggings is also called a Capri. It also comes with so many latest trendy colours and some cool prints. We recommend you to wear a T-Shirt on it and pair it with a cool pair of sneakers.

Stirrup Leggings:

Stirrup leggings are very much in trend. Generally, this type of leggings are worn while dancing or going to the gym. One of the best features of this legging is that it has a thick strap near the ankle. It also gives a good and comfortable vibe from behind.

Leather Leggings:

This type of leggings is made of leather fabric that will perfectly fit your body without giving you any kind of discomfort. As these are body fit, you will have the option to show your legs most exquisitely. Leather leggings will make you feel really comfortable once you slip into them. If you plan on looking sexy at a party, then leather leggings are surely the best option. You can pair them with a crop top and pair of heeled sandals, preferably mules.

Knee-length leggings:

These leggings end precisely just below the knee. You can wear this type of leggings while doing yoga, dance, exercise, or while working out at the gym. You’ll feel more comfortable, all thanks to its short length. These leggings come with so many colour options; however, dark is the most favoured one.

5.Ankle-length leggings:

The most popular and commonly used legging is ankle- length. This is perfect in length, not too less nor too short. You can wear this type of leggings anytime and anywhere. These leggings can be worn by every woman and girls of any age group. With these leggings, you will always look perfect.


Leggings these days have become an integral part of a woman’s outfits. With the help of this guide, you can easily pick the best type of leggings according to your personality and your preferences. Also, leggings are super versatile and hence can be paired with any type of outfit. Pick the best one and mention your favourite type of leggings in the comment section below.