Most Common Issues and Problems with Zippers

Zippers may seem small and trivial but there are actually a lot of zipper failures and issues that pop-u more often than others. These include the following:

Broken Coil Tooth or Teeth

Such problem is less common compared to other slider issues. However, it is definitely still worthy to mention. Different things can result to this kind of zipper problem showing up. But, the story that is normally heard is the zipper slider getting caught on something or getting yanked hard.

The teeth often get broken at the spot where the slider was once the force was applied. More often than not, the slider is going to be ripped off from the broken zipper teeth. This problem with zippers is nearly always the result of wear and tear.

Zipper Pull Tab That Comes Off

So far, this is the most common problem often encountered and you might have seen or experienced it at one point or another in your life. This pull tab is fastened to the slider. This is also what you pull and grab on, that explains the word “pull” in its name. If a zipper is yanked incorrectly or too hard, it is more likely for the pull to break or come off. A pull can also break or fall off if this is bashed hard enough during a crash or gets caught on something. 

Zipper Slider That Comes Off

The entire zipper car or slider is the one that comes off instead of the pull tab coming off. This is not always simple and easy to tell why this happens. However, some common problems are too much yanking on the zipper, direct force to the zipper slider, attaching zip ties or lift tickets to the zipper, zipper being ripped off or getting caught on something, and others. 

Zipper Slider Doesn’t Work

One more relatively common slider problem that is often seen is once the slider remains attached to the zipper yet it doesn’t work correctly. It can present itself in various ways although the typical problem seen most often is when the zipper slider could be zipped down and up without engaging the zipper teeth with the two sides not being connected. Even though the slider usually doesn’t show signs of damage or wear, this problem comes from the slider being excessively wide and thus not applying the required force for properly zipping the teeth together. 

Take note that is not recommended for you to fix a malfunctioning zipper slider on your own unless you got the previous experience and necessary tools. Although it may seem like a quick and easy fix to grab a pair of pliers to the zipper slider for a fast DIY fix, it will almost definitely lead to further problems with the zipper teeth. An affordable and easy repair can immediately turn into a full zipper replacement.

When the time comes that you need to replace your old zippers, be sure to buy high quality zipper tape by the yard.