MEMEBOX Travelled A Long Way To Success

The MEMEBOX presents itself as a quality vendor that is worth the investment and provides more value for money in the eyes of potential customers. From a start-up wunderkind that has since leapfrogged its way into a growing global success, MEMEBOX looks set to roll ahead in bringing K-Beauty to the world.

How it all began

The company was riding high in its home market, but Ha sensed it could reach even more people. Japan’s close proximity and robust fashion industry made it a possible destination for expansion. Ha felt he needed to go to the United States. Meme box’s US site went live on January 1, 2014. Sales were sluggish at first. By the end of the month, it had generated just a trickle of hope, US$70,000 in sales. Nine months later, though, the site had developed enough traction to hit US$700,000 in sales for September alone. Ha’s secret sauce in his recipe for growth isn’t the usual combination of Facebook marketing and Google ads.

The methods adopted

  • Targeting a distinct segment audience by providing up-and-coming Korean makeup brands. The appeal for Asian beauty products, especially Korean cosmetics, was a worldwide market that was ripe for establishing a loyal customer base.
  • Leveraging the facility of YouTube influencers, especially people who are known for Korean-style makeup. Making a good impression is always important. Sometimes investing in SEO and analytics alone won’t be enough. To effectively reach their intended audience faster, MEMEBOX partners with YouTubers who specialize in fashion blogging and people who do makeup guru tutorials. By connecting with brand ambassadors and YouTube fashion vloggers to spread the word, Memebox generates a sustained interest in its line.
  • Flooding the social media with custom made memebox. MEMEBOX also makes custom themed boxes that are available a spread of designs to suit a spread of needs. From the aptly named Bling Bling Box (which promises to make you feel like a million bucks) to a Hope Girl Box (which will make you discover your inner beauty), to an April Showers Box (which will leave your skin feeling totally refreshed), the amount of themed boxes is endless!

The meme box spread globally for the following reasons

  • Aiming towards a spot in the beauty-box market
  • Making great use of YouTube partners and popular make-up gurus to push for his or her box
  • Using social media to push out exclusive promotions
  • Creating themed boxes to appeal to each customer’s need

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