Important Terms To Know Before You Buy Headphones

So, is this the first time you are planning to buy headphones online? Well, in that case, your confusion is understandable. People might be saying to you that this model is fantastic or that model is fresh, and you might even be hearing all kinds of terms to add to your confusion.

What exactly is a closed-back headphone? And, what is the function of the drivers? Do you need to know about the sound pressure level? So far, the only thing that you must have ended up deciding is that you want Sennheiser headphones!

So, let’s clear up your confusion about some of the standard terms related to headsets to help you buy the right model.

Circumaural or over-ear headphone

The Sennheiser headphones that you are looking at are circumaural headsets which cover your ears entirely. They have louder volume, significant drivers, and better bass. The driver is placed far from the ears; the sound that you hear is a lot like what you get to hear from the speakers. Though you will get less portability with these headsets, they offer excellent noise isolation. And, thus, among all the choices in the market, audiophiles love the over-ear headsets.

Closed and open back headsets

You must have heard these terms for over-ear headphones. It merely means whether or not the back of the ear-cups is sealed. Open back headsets offer bare minimum sound isolation, and you will get to hear more ambient noise, though audiophiles claim that the open back ones provide a sound that feels more natural.

On the other closed-back headsets give you more noise isolation, giving you better sound quality. The music is a lot similar to the experience you get from your in-ear headphones.


Drivers turn the electrical signals into sound, which makes it one of the most crucial parts of the headsets. In simple words, a driver is a thing that makes the sound. Drivers are mainly made of a diaphragm, voice coils, and magnets. The magnets and the sound coils make the diaphragm vibrate, which produces sound waves that reach the ears as sound.

The rule of the thumb is that the bigger the drivers, the better sound you get. It would help if you aimed to get a driver of about forty mm or more significant to get the best sound quality. You will find drivers like that in any good Sennheiser headset.

SPL and sensitivity

When you buy headphones online, check out the specification sheet and there you will find a mention of these terms. SPL, which stands for Sound Pressure Level, and sensitivity are the two things that ensure the loudness of sound in the headsets.

Sensitivity is the efficiency of converting the electrical signal into acoustic signals, and SPL is the measure of that. In Sennheiser, the SPL is in a range of about 85-120 dB SPL/mW, which is good enough for the audiophiles like you.

So, now you armed with all the knowledge about headsets. Go and order one for you today!