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How To Use EOs: A Beginner’s Guide To Using Pure Essential Oils

These last few years, people have seen a rise in the use of pure essentials oilin everything, including their skincare, wellness, home, hair care, and more. Natural remedies have been making their way back into the mainstream through an essential oil diffuser in Singapore. If you are a fan of hard-to-forget scents and approaching health the traditional and old-fashioned way, then using pure essentials oil might be for you.

Basically, pure essentials oil are volatile liquids extracted from various herbs, shrubs, and plants. These EOs contain the same compounds that previous cultures used to heal themselves. When used by humans, a pure essentials oilcan provide a wide variety of health benefits through aromatherapy diffuser oil, topical application, oral way, and roll-ons. Again, pure essentials oilor EOs are not a new concept. It got inspired by different cultures from the past. It traces way back to ancient Egypt!

Getting pure essentials oilis not as simple as buying an essential oil diffuser in Singapore. Take note that the diffuser is the small electricity-run machine you use for the EOs. Buying pure essentials oiltakes some experimentation, research, and a true passion for wellness. But the thing with pure essentials oilis that it can make your place smell like hotels, especially hotel lobbies. And everyone can agree that hotel lobbies, of all places, smell amazing.

So, if you are considering buying pure essentials oil, here’s a simple beginner’s guide to getting you by before making any payments. Keep reading to know the basics!


You are finally starting your journey on using pure essentials oil. While the usual method of using EOs is with an aroma diffuser in Singapore, there are other ways you may possibly not know yet. Before making any decision in haste, thoroughly research pure essentials oilfirst. Even if EOs are a natural remedy, approach each method and oil with utmost caution. It may take some trial-and-error before finding your favourite scent, but it’ll be totally worth it.

When using pure essentials oil, there are three methods you can choose among:


Nothing is more relaxing than infusing your favourite scent into your home. Diffusing pure essentials oil and fragrances into your home can do more than just set a room’s vibe. It can soothe you, give off a feeling like you are in a spa, and do other magic from here and there. The millions of molecules these pure essentials oil have will soak your human cells and the limbic system, thus, making your body system more comfortable and at peace. In addition, EOs have the power to clean toxic cells, repair them, and restore them to their peak function. When you feel down, sad, or stressed, use pure essentials oilfor instant mood lifting and removing unpleasant smells in a specific space.

If you want to use pure essentials oil, here are the best ways to use them aromatically:


AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER OIL. Drop a few pure essentials oil in an aroma diffuser in Singapore.

HUMIDIFIERS. Like an essential oil diffuser in Singapore, you can use a few drops of pure essentials oil.

SPRAY BOTTLE. The third method is different from how an aroma diffuser in Singapore works. Add a few drops of pure essentials oilto a spray bottle and mix with water. Shake well and spritz over linens, pillowcases, bed sheets, carpets, table linings, and the like.

LAUNDRY. Add a few drops of pure essentials oilto a batch of laundry, and all is good!


Another good way to use pure essentials oilsis to put them in direct contact with the body. Some good examples of these are tea tree applications for treating acne. Eucalyptus is good for massages, cypress and spruce work for coughs, orange peels and cinnamon leaf are perfect for digestive problems, and the like. Some pure essentials oilperforms way better through topical application. Most people, especially oil lovers, prefer this method for addressing skin concerns and physical pain. With topical pure essentials oil, you can specifically put the oil and target particular painful areas. The recommended spots for topical application are the neck, forehead, temples, chest, abdomen, and limbs.


Like other medications, you can also consume and devour some pure essentials oil. However, be very careful with this method. Do thorough and extensive research on the safety of the product you will be using. Be sure to get your hands on a certified safe for internal use. Check for the recommended dosage and conflicts with certain medicines, medical conditions, and incompatibility with other oils. Review some testimonies. Also, take note that pure essentials oil is very concentrated. Be sure to blend it properly, and you may need no more than a few drops to achieve your desired effect.



Nowadays, people have been getting madly in love with the newest form of using pure essentials oil, roll-ons. Roll-on pure essentials oilcan make applying essential oils more conveniently. Also, since it’s not feasible for everyone to bring their entire kit of essential oils everywhere and every day, roll-ons are portable versions of your favourite scents. If your head is aching, bring it out, roll it on your temples, and let the magic of the oil do the trick.


Once you start using pure essentials oil, you can never go back. Using pure essentials oil has been a thing for quite some time lately. While essential oil fans are curious about the different ways and methods to utilise them, not everyone takes its benefits into consideration. Pure essentials oilis the talk of its own right now for natural remedies. They have multiple health benefits ranging from mental to physical health. It is no secret that pure essentials oilworks best for relaxation and meditation, but there are other benefits. When used properly, these plant-sourced products can help boost your energy, aid digestion problems, improve your immunity, and prevent colds and cases of flu. They can also lessen anxiety, reduce body aches and pains, and treat allergic reactions and skin irritations. Be sure to get the most out of them. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, think long term, improve your diet, and commit to using pure essentials oil.

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