Choosing a Competition Holster Fashion

Competitive marksmanship is a rewarding sport, and one that’s fairly accessible to newcomers because of the proliferation of shooting clubs and private hunting societies that sponsor competition events at various levels. If you’re serious about shooting for a top spot in any competition, though, you need the gear to support you. That means optimizing your firearm build to fit the competition’s goals and investing in the accessories that enhance your performance. Depending on the event, this could mean a variety of changes to your build. If you compete in multiple events, you may even want to invest in separate firearms for each one, so you don’t have to tear down and test in a new build between events.

Gun Upgrades for Competition Performance

Competition sights and streamlined quick-loading magazines are among the most common upgrades for shooters who are new to organized shooting sports. Upgraded trigger builds are also considered a high priority for serious competitors, but the level of urgency is different for everyone depending on the stock firearm you start with. Some guns are a little hard to handle until they are upgraded into top performers, others are almost ready for competition out the gate, with just a few necessary tweaks to upgrade key features.

Must-Have Marksmanship Accessories

In addition to gun upgrades, you’ll want the added accessibility of competition holsters to make your draw easier and your movements more efficient. There’s also a good chance you will find you’re a shooter who does better with gloves designed to prevent grip slippage and enhance your comfort in inclement weather. Beyond that? Keep your eyes open and make a point of rethinking your build every time you step out of a competition. That’s the best way to keep improving both your technique and your equipment loadout.

Finding Competitions Near Your Home

There are a lot of small local shooting competitions out there in practically any area of the U.S., so don’t be shy about searching for events near home when you’re breaking into competitive events. Everyone has to start somewhere, and earning a few awards in small events can help you network, leading to better information about everything from cash prize competitions to coaching and training.