Buying a Keyboard that Suits your Specific Need

If you own a desktop computer, you should have at least the basic keyboard that comes with it and want to upgrade. But, you may also want to invest in a keyboard if you have a laptop or netbook so you don’t have to type with your nose close to the screen. Regardless of why you are buying a keyboard, you must take into account some things before you spend your hard-earned cash. Your choice of keyboards will depend mainly on what you are using it for. Thus, prioritise the features that are most important to you:


If you are a gamer, you will usually require or want to invest in keyboard features that are wasted on most users. You will want to look for things such as integrated LCDs, backlighting, programmable keys, and changeable number pads as they offer you increased benefits and improve your gaming experience. For gaming, you need to buy a gaming keyboard. Expect to pay a higher price for their features but they will be worth the cost. Visit for your options.

Media Use

If you are storing your music and movie on your computer, invest in a computer with media-key features like a volume-control knob, play/pause buttons, and track skipping. When using a laptop for media storage and hooking it up to your television to watch the movies, invest in a wireless keyboard. This allows you to fast-forward and rewind from the comfort of your couch. You can even come across mini-keyboards designed for media users.

Work Use

Whether you do desktop publishing or data entry, you spend hours hitting the keys on your keyboard. That is why you must use an ergonomic keyboard. But, because a keyboard of this kind varies by manufacturers, try to test out a friend’s keyboard first before you purchase yours. If this does not work for you, find features such as curved keys and elevated wrist rests. A number of keyboards out there can even be separated to allow users to customise how far apart they want the right- and left-hand keys.


  • Whether you are travelling for business or leisure purposes, you may want to throw a keyboard in your carry-on. Fortunately, keyboards with truncated key counts are already available. These keyboards are lightweight and can be foldable. Often, these portable keyboards forgo the right-hand number pad to save on space. But, keep in mind that even if they are small, they can be expensive. A lot of portable keyboards will cost you more than your run-of-the-mill wired standard keyboard.