Best Shoes for Different Occasions

You might have a favorite pair of shoes that you wear every day. Let’s face it though, you can’t wear them for every occasion. For example, a nice pair of sneakers might look good for a walk around town, but they would certainly not be appropriate for a job interview or to go with an outfit for a wedding. So, which shoes are best for which occasion? 

Beach Vacation

A vacation near the beach means comfortable footwear that is easy to get on and off. Think of flip-flops, sandals, or ventilated rubber shoes. Many people do wear sneakers to the beach, but it can be a pain when they are filled with sand. 

Formal Wedding

If you have been invited to a wedding, then some footwear would be deemed inappropriate. Forget about your flip-flops and sneakers and look for something a bit dressier. Women do not have to wear high heels, as a nice pair of flats can look fabulous with a formal outfit. Dressy sandals are also suitable. Unless you are going to bring a change of shoes for the evening, you might want to go for comfort over style, especially if it is an all-day wedding. 


When looking for shoes for walking or hiking, remember that comfort and support are the most important considerations. Your walking shoes should provide lateral support and not be too flexible when you try to bend them or twist them in your hands. They should fit you well and offer a good level of cushioning across the entire shoe. 


Your gym shoes should offer a good level of support for your feet. If you are going to be doing any cross training and cardio, wear a pair of good running shoes that will cushion your feet. Make sure they are not too tight and that you can fit your thumb between the top of your big toe and the end of the shoe. 

Job Interview

Smart is the word when it comes to job interviews, so avoid wearing any type of casual footwear such as sandals, open-toe shoes, sneakers, or flip-flops. Women should wear shoes with heels that are not higher than three inches, and it is best to go for neutral colors. 


The type of shoe you wear to work will really depend on the kind of work that you do. For example, if you are a nurse and on your feet all day long, you should look for a shoe that cushions and supports the feet. If you work in the construction industry, closed-toe boots with a steel cap are probably a promising idea. 

Taking Care of Your Shoes

Whatever shoes you are wearing, it is best to take care of them. If you have a favorite pair, then you are likely to wear them regularly. But did you know that it is best to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day? This is because feet become hot and sweaty, and it can lead to a buildup of bacteria in the shoe. ShoeFresh, makers of shoe deodorant and shoe odor spray, say that it is a good idea to change your shoes every twenty-four hours to allow them to air and be completely dry before you wear them again. A good shoe deodorant will help to eliminate any odors and keep shoes smelling fresh.  

You can maintain your favorite shoes by keeping them clean. Some shoes can be washed in the machine while others will need to be hand cleaned. In whichever way you clean your shoes, always make sure they are fully dry before you wear them again.