A-z About VTPN DB 

VTPN Distribution panel feeds power from the Auxiliary UPS through proper size adjustable PVC insulated FRLS copper wires installed in concealed MS conduits.

It supplies power to emergency lighting, Workstations, Fire & Security systems, Building Management Systems, etc. The VTPN DB has a metal door.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification of vtpn db are as follows:


No. of ways 4, 6, 8 & 12 ways
Installation type Flush/ Surface
Colour/ Finish RAL Semi Glossy
Door Locking Options Sliding Lock
Demountable Gland Plate Top & Bottom
Box Sheet Thickness 1.2 mm
Distribution Technique Insulated Thick Copper Pan Assembly
Rating 63A
Voltage 3 Phase, 240/415V~
Primary Incoming B1 Frame 125 Uno MCCB
Neutral Bar Termination Capacity 25 sqmm
Earthing Bar Termination Capacity 25 sqmm
Ingress Protection (IP) IP43
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 690V~/td>
Frequency 50Hz
Dielectric Strength 2.5kV
Ambient Temperature -5°C to 40°C
DB Reference Standard IS 8623-3, IS 1303



  •   Separable plates – Each VTPN DB has a set number of knockouts for conduits depending on their size, but if you wish to add additional or larger conduits, the distribution board makes it easy to remove the gland plate to adjust conduits.
  •   Demountable Inner Shield– Distribution boards come with a removable inner guard that makes wiring and maintenance tasks easier without removing the DB’s front door.
  •   Entirely Removable Pan Assembly- This feature provides the ease of installing items outside of the database by mounting them on the Pan Assembly.
  •   Protection from cement spill- Each vtpn DB is equipped with a Cement Spill Protector to guard against cement spills while plastering.
  •   Door earthing- Provides maximum safety working while door earthing.
  •   New design– The sleek design of vtpn DB fits with every home’s décor and enhances the appearance.
  •   Box Insertion Marks- The marks are set on the products for successful, error-free installation. The symbols on the right and left sides work to distinguish between the brick and plaster levels.
  •   Strong Sliding knob – Made of high-quality plastic, the knob resists rust and does smooth operation with just a small finger push. In addition, the knob is durable and long-lasting.
  •   Mounting holes – The Mounting Holes enhance the flexibility of the products by enabling the mounting of the DB using either screws or nails.
  •   Circuits marker labels – Each distribution board comes with a label that helps users identify the modular devices connected to specific circuits.

The Bottom Line

A distribution board is an element of an electrical supply system known as a DB board or DB box that insulates an electrical power feed into circuits while giving a shielding or circuit breaker for every circuit in a single section.

Distribution board can load any type and size of modular devices. On 44 18mm modules, it enables the attachment of modular devices. With a 3P or 4P moulded case circuit breaker (MCCB) acting as the receiver, the In-rated current is 240A. The measurements are (W) 456, (H) 780, and (D) 118.4 millimetres. The metal door has an IP43 level of protection. It complies with IS 8623-1 and IS 1303 standards.

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