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Whether you frequently cook or have a pet, in both cases, scented candles can help you avoid the sense of bad odor. To the best of my knowledge & experience, the benefits that come along with Soy Wax Melts are many times more than the money you need to spend on them. Using soy candles can be a huge difference!

If I’m not mistaken, other candles are not good for the environment, but soy candles are good for the environment simply because they act as a renewable source. On that account, soy candles are environmentally friendly in addition to other benefits that come along. On the other hand, paraffin candles are not safe for the environment around them for obvious reasons.

Have a look at the material and you will readily get the point of why they are harmful to the environment around you. The material that is used to make paraffin candles is petroleum. In simpler terms, the material that a paraffin candle is made of contains carcinogens, and you can better understand why a paraffin candle is unsafe.

A renewable resource is far safer than a nonrenewable resource

As a rule of thumb also based on scientific facts, it is quite obvious that renewable resource is far safer than nonrenewable resource. What does all that mean? All that means that you are not supposed to go for something that is environmentally harmful, while you have the option to go with it safely. The time when the paraffin candles are burning, they keep on the polluting environment around them.

It can be seen that carcinogens released from paraffin are quite unsafe for the environment. On the contrary, when you have a look at the material used to make soy candles, you will be more than satisfied that they are safe. It is in this context that there is something special about soy candles.