6 Types Of Blazers Every Man Should Own  

Blazers can be really interesting pieces of clothing to enhance your style quo. Some people may think that they are for formals only; this is not true. There are several types of blazers that are pretty cool layering pieces. A sequin blazer for men can make a great prom outfit. Similarly, a silk blazer can be an absolute show-stopper at any event.  

The key is to buy blazers made with high-quality material and the best fit. Out-of-shape blazers are the worse thing to wear. However, you can always customize your outfit according to your body shape. Well-fitted red sequin blazers with matching trousers and polished boots are the best OTT outfit you can slay.  

1- Tweed Blazers– With jeans or trousers, these tweed blazers are simply awesome. Looking for a tweed blazer that will keep you warm and stylish this winter? Look no further than the Angelino long coats. These luxurious and elegant coats are a class apart, and they’re sure to turn heads when you wear them. Our blazers are made from the finest materials and are perfect for men who want to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for a classic black blazer or something more unique, we have the perfect option for you. So don’t wait any longer, shop now and stay warm all winter long!

2 – Woolen Blazers– Woolen blazers keep you warm and are the best outfit for winter. If you live in a cold area the best men’s blazers are from wool since they have the necessary warmth and durability.

3 – Silk Blazers– Silk blazers look majestic and royal. You can opt for multicolor floral prints on a silk blazer. Angelino silk blazers are hand-printed and hand-made from high-quality silk fabric. Silk blazers are works of art! These gleaming extravagances serve as a symbol of elegance and affluence. Silk blazers are printed by hand to achieve the highest level of color purity and saturation. 100% Top-Notch Silk, Explore more of our newest blazers for guys. Show up as your best version during the events.

4 – Sequin Blazers Men– If you want to turn everyone’s head you must try this sequin one for sure.  These sequin blazers are unique and gorgeous statement pieces. If you love to try adventurous outfits, this one you must have. Sequin blazers are fantastic energy and mood boosters. Previously reserved for superstars on stage, these glittering jackets are now accessible to everyone who wants to wear them to special occasions like birthdays and prom nights.

Our prehistoric love of water, the gleam of gold, or the twinkling of stars in the night may be the source of our fascination with glitz and sparkle. Consequently, men’s sequin blazers and apparel, in general, are the height of sparkle, shine, and glamour in fashion.

5 – Velvet Blazers– Men’s velvet blazers are popular for fall and winter. The velvet texture is intimate and inviting. Velvet blazers look elegant in saturated colors. The luxurious fabric gives an expensive appearance to you. With a pair of slim-cut trousers, you will look dapper in them.  

6 – Linen Blazers– Light and breezy, linen blazers are a good choice for summer and tropical places. Linen jackets are comfortable yet stylish. You may get beautiful prints and designs on the linen blazers which look pretty amazing.  


Final Words 

Men’s fashion is expensive; so try to find great quality clothes at a reasonable price online. If you are looking for sequin blazers for men, Angelino – Los Angeles can spoil you with choices. They have an amazing collection of gorgeous blazers for men. The quality of the clothes is beyond expectation and the fit is awesome. Check out their stunning blazers at