5 Tips For Hiring The Best Wedding Florist In Singapore

Flowers are a crucial part of weddings. Not only do they add colours to the venue, but they also emit fragrances everyone can enjoy. Some people tend to get wedding flowers from ordinary flower delivery in Singapore. Some invest in the best florist that specialises in wedding bouquets.

Here are some tips on how to find the best wedding florist in Singapore:

1. Know your flowers

Couples, especially brides, prefer all kinds of white flowers for their wedding to signify purity. But it is not bad to explore other colours. Among the favourites are lush pink and purple flowers. Once you determine your wedding theme, you can also identify the flowers you need.

2. Know the floral arrangement you need

Besides the types or species of flower, couples should also determine the floral arrangement they need. Besides the bouquet for the bride and bride’s maids, flowers can also be used as aisle decorations and ornaments. Some use it as centrepieces on tables. Make sure the florist has the appropriate delivery capability in Singapore for these arrangements.

3. Know your budget

Flowers can be expensive, especially if you will use rare species. Moreover, same day flower delivery service in Singapore also adds to the fees. Besides the two, other factors that affect the flower prices are the location of the wedding, flower quantity, and types of floral arrangements. You can make your cuts in this department if you want to reduce your flower expenses.

4. Consider recommendations

Recommendations from friends and family could land you the best wedding florist in Singapore. You can ask a newlywed friend or find reviews online. Once you find your prospective florist, you can schedule an interview or get a quote.

5. Consider proposals

After collecting proposals from several flower delivery services in Singapore, it is time to compare their packages and proposals and determine which deal is the best.

Use these tips and find the right florist for your wedding.

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