5 Ideas for Your Next Girls’ Night Out

 Are you planning your next girls’ night out? You’ve come to the right place for help. Whether you guide everyone on a tour around town or invite them into your home, there are plenty of activities to participate in that are sure to please the most discerning friend. Here are some unbeatable options to try the next time you get to have a girls’ night.

1. Self-Care Salon

After a long week, a relaxing visit to the salon is most welcome! Treat your friends to manicures, pedicures, professional makeup, or skincare. Luxurious and customized facials can help your group end the night with bright faces. The skincare options and soothing spa treatments Norfolk VA can satisfy every complexion. If you desire an exclusive experience, reserve a salon for your party and pamper your friends with an added element of comfortable privacy.

2. Boutique Crawl

Have you been meaning to check out those cute shops around town? Your friends are probably curious, too. Incorporate this interest into your night by planning a boutique crawl. Make a list of intriguing shops around town and lead your group on a tour of local businesses. If you would like to set a theme, focus on boutiques that display particular styles of clothes or homewares. 

3. Game Night

There are several ways to spice up game night for your girls. For a vibrant sensory experience, look for arcades or specialty bars with a variety of games. Board games, cards, darts, shuffleboard, and pool are all on the table. For an outdoor excursion, send everyone on a scavenger hunt! Use local landmarks and businesses as stops along the way and set a prize that has meaning for your friends. The possibilities are as varied as your imagination. 

4. Craft Workshop 

A workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn a new skill together or dust off some creative knowledge. Paint and sip events are popular for a reason, and they are widely available. Try a pottery or sewing project class in your area. Craft workshops with expert teachers provide all of the necessary space and materials. Let your creativity and personalities flow without the hassle of cleaning up. Afterward, your friends will have new memories and handmade items. 

5. Backyard Picnic

Sometimes, achieving a relaxing girls’ night out means staying close to home. Illuminate the lawn with twinkling lights and head outside to the backyard. Provide the picnic menu yourself or invite each friend to bring a dish. Then kick back, share a bottle of wine, and laugh over a game of cornhole. A welcoming picnic can be the whole event or the final chapter after any of the other suggested outings.

Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to have a delightful time with good friends and an open mind.