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What to Buy Before Your Kitten Arrives

The imminent arrival of a new kitten can be an exciting time for the whole family. However, before your new fur baby arrives, you should make sure you have everything required to meet her needs. Knowing what to buy can be tough, especially as there will be a lot of conflicting information about. In addition, you will likely see a lot of items that are nice to have but not necessarily essential. 

The reality is that what you buy for your kitten before she arrives will all depend on preference and budget. You might want to buy her bundles of toys to keep her entertained, but these are not completely necessary. Below we will look at the essentials as well as the nice-to-haves. 

Essential Items

Cat Bed

Your cat needs somewhere to sleep, so a cat bed is considered to be an essential item. Nevertheless, some people like to let their pets sleep with them on the bed. The reality is that your cat might find her own favorite sleeping spot, and this may or may not be in your bed or her own bed. If you would prefer her not to sleep on your bed, you can buy heat pads especially designed for kittens. These heat pads prevent kittens from getting cold at night and if placed in her bed will encourage her to sleep there. 


Because kittens are still growing and developing, they need food that is designed specifically for them. It will contain the vital vitamins and nutrients that they need and is different to that given to adult cats. Speak to your vet about the best kitten food to buy if you are confused by the assorted options available. You will also need to buy food and water bowls for the cat. 

Litter Tray and Litter

Cats need somewhere to relive themselves, and while older cats might be able to go outside to do their business, kittens will need to use a litter tray. Remember to buy a shallow tray for the kitten because if the sides are too high, she might struggle to get in and out of it. Look for litter that is designed for kittens, such as pelleted litter or non-clumping varieties. 

Nice to Haves

Scratch Posts

Scratch posts could make it onto the essential or nice-to-have section. While not completely essential, they will help to prevent your kitten from destroying your furniture as cats tend to have a natural urge to scratch. Providing a post and training your pet to use it can end up being a very good idea. 

Harness and Leash

If you want to take your cat for walks when she is older, you should create your own walk kit for cats that contains a collar, ID tag, harness, and leash. The good folk at Voyager Harness recommend training cats to get used to wearing a harness from a young age if you plan to go for walks together.  


There are so many toys that you can buy for your cat, and they are great because they give them something to play with and keep them entertained. Toys are also useful for mental and physical growth and development. 


Preparation for the arrival of a new kitten includes buying all the necessary items that will be needed for her care and wellbeing. Items such as a bed, food, bowls, and litter tray are all considered essential, while there are other things you can buy too such as toys, scratch posts and harnesses, all of which would be nice to have.