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Guidelines to store facemasks in the appropriate manner

Face masks have become the unanticipated accessory of this year. Born out of a worldwide health epidemic and now a critical accompaniment to the public lives, face masks are now as necessary as phone, keys, and purse when leaving the home. Here are some tips for washing and storing your face masks, as they are a part of daily life.

As face masks have become a key part of our daily lives, possessing just one might not be enough – particularly with the advice from health professionals being to wash them after each use. Moreover, different situations might need different types of face mask. The environment-friendly and fashion- conscious individuals have invested in reusable masks of our choice. To be on the safe side, it is worth investing in no less than two reusable masks and having a box of disposable ones as well.

According to Paul Edalat, facemasks can be stored in your bag or pocket if you want to put it down when out – but it is very essential your mask stays dirt free if you are planning on sporting it again. Leaving it free in your handbag would expose it to the microorganisms sticking to anything else you have there – all of which can be transmitted to you when you apply the mask again. Rather, carry around a disposable bag to stash it away safely, or better yet, invest in a tiny cosmetics bag.

You must invest in a small bag or pouch to store your facemask. Just keep in mind to clean this frequently, as you would your facemask, and crease your mask in half to make sure that the internal cloth that gets in touch with your mouth stays protected from any prospective contaminated surfaces.

In regards to the washing of facemasks, Paul Edalat says that to avoid bacteria and germs collecting on the cloth, it is significant to know how to do it hygienically. If you are in the routine of putting on a machine wash every night, do the same. Or else, you can handwash your mask easily using hot water and some soap, giving it a mild scrub. You can also make a bleach solution and soak the face mask in the solution for five minutes. Then you should rinse it thoroughly with cool water and left to dry before being worn again.

Thus, it can be said that whether you choose to hand or machine wash, try to get into the habit of cleaning your facemask every time you return from the outside.