The Path to I Do: Picking Your Dream Engagement Ring, Shopping

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be a challenge with all the options and prices out there. However, once you are ready to pop the question, start talking to your partner to get an idea of their style preferences for the perfect choice for you. Then follow this guide to help you find it.   

Traditional Designs 

If you are looking for a classic look, stick to the traditional engagement ring. These styles are typically a single large gem, sometimes surrounded by smaller stones. The look is timeless and one that you can easily commit to for years to come. You also have a variety of choices to help make the ring your own, including cut, clarity and setting. As you start shopping, keep your partner in mind to help guide your search.    

Antique Trends 

For some people, they want a ring that is unique but rich with history. As you start your search, begin by looking at antiques Laurel MD for the opportunity to see designs that are full of both history and beauty. These styles give you a variety of options of trends that have stood the test of time. Once you chose a ring, you can be certain it is unique and special, just like your love.    

Alternative Stones 

The diamond is known as the stone for an engagement ring. However, many people would rather buck this trend by utilizing other gems, such as emeralds and rubies, that better suit their tastes. These non-traditional rings offer new styles that break from the norm to match your personality. By removing the limitations of a diamond engagement, you will open the door to thousands of designs to help you chose the perfect one for that “yes.” 

As you prepare to ask this important question, don’t forget to remember all the love that brought you there. Congratulations on your pending engagement.