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Everyone has fallen in love with Scandinavian furniture designs in Singapore and worldwide. This interior design style is notorious for its simplicity, functionality, and connection to the natural world. It also provides understated elegance to both residential and commercial settings. Learn more about the much-beloved furniture and design principle.

10 Scandinavian Design Rules to Follow

The principles of Scandinavian design will make your place feel homey and comfortable. Overall, the look may appear sparse, yet the design decisions are purposeful. Who can seriously disagree that function is frequently just as essential as appearance?

It’s no surprise that the globe went hygge-crazy for the last few years. The following are seven design principles to follow if you want to pick the best furniture at a shop in Singapore.

#1 White for Everything

The Scandi palette would consist of no more than four foundational colours and would largely depend on whites and pastel colours. Neutral tones generally dominate the colour palette of Scandinavian designs. These hues complement natural wood, which many consider a hallmark.

#2 Functionality Above All

Double-duty furniture and accessories are not only fashionable in Scandi design but also necessary. You will see items like a coffee table with hidden storage or an extendable table at a Singapore furniture store. Creating versatile furniture is one of the fundamental aims of Scandinavian design.

#3 Cues from Nature

The Scandinavian appreciation of nature reflects in the house through natural stone and untreated wood. Wood is maintained with great care and never hidden under stains or paint; it should always be visible. The use of plain blonde wood is a purposeful expression of respect and admiration for nature’s beauty.

#4 Keep it Clean & Simple

Scandinavian design predates mid-century modern designs since the 1950s and 1960s. Sharp angles and tapering arms and legs with radiused corners and flowing edges characterised the furniture. Despite their gentle feel, the wooden profiles were known for their severe inclination. Every Scandinavian piece of furniture in Singapore stores is lovely but not too extravagant.

#5 Comfort & Cosiness

Scandinavians value comfort and warmth, which is evident in how they decorate. Their décor incorporates textures such as fuzzy sheepskins, silken leathers, braided rope, and chunky cable knits into their design. Simple organic furnishings and materials are the definitions of the Nordic aesthetic. Scandinavian design is all about using texture to generate warmth.


#6 Embody Hygge

Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, absence of clutter, and strategic placement of items. The design emphasises solid timbers, handcrafted pottery, and wool floor coverings at their best. So, when it comes to Scandi design, quality is always better than quantity.

#7 Efficient & Sustainable

Sustainability, simplicity, and environmental influences are central to Nordic-inspired interior design. Eco-friendliness is a significant priority in the average Scandinavian home. Most of the furniture you see in a shop in Singapore is of sustainable materials.

#8 Lights are Fundamental

Danes are well-known for their fondness for candles, and it’s no secret that they burn more than anybody else in Europe. When it’s chilly and dark at night, the comforting glow of a candle may make a difference, and layered artificial lighting can also help. For that extra touch of warmth and visibility, an overhead pendant, task lighting, and table and floor lights are vital in Scandi decor.

#9 Play with Patterns

Scandinavians use patterns and designs in their hardwood flooring, panelling, and drape textiles. The more sizable Scandinavian upholstered furniture at Singapore stores is sleek and minimalist. Incorporating a burst of pattern on a cushion or two is perfectly acceptable.

#10 Plants are Ideal Decorations

Scandinavians often include live plants indoors to connect the outside and interior worlds. Window curtains are also simple to display plants, and all available natural light can shine in. Accept your crazy plant maniac for a genuine Scandi atmosphere in your home.

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5 Scandinavian Design Principles to Follow

Scandinavian-style rooms combine textures, contrasts, and soft colours to create a sleek, modern look. It incorporates several concepts and qualities to find a balance between utility, modernity, and comfort. The following are seven Scandinavian design principles for when you next scour online furniture stores all over Singapore.

#1 Subdued Hues

A predominantly neutral colour palette distinguishes Scandinavian decorative and furniture items in Singapore stores. The nordic design uses whites, greys, and tans to make a room feel homogeneous and cheerful.

#2 Let the Sun Shine

The design uses natural light to make a room appear larger and brighter. White walls draw attention to available light. The use of minimal window coverings allows natural light to brighten various areas of your home.

#3 Contemporary Pieces

Most Nordic rooms contain modern furniture with sleek lines and subtle details. Moreover, warm wood tones, delicate lines, subtle curves, and tapering legs defines Scandinavian furniture sold in Singapore stores.

#4 No Clutter

The Scandinavian design adheres to the “less is more” design philosophy. Designers eliminate extravagant or unnecessary decoration and strategically place storage. They often avoid decorative objects and accents.

#5 Wooden Details

The design frequently uses wood in a room. You can see it in walls, wood slats, and flooring. Using light woods like beech, ash, and pine maintains the light and bright aesthetic of the Scandinavian design. These woods are also the fundamental material manufacturers use to make Scandinavian furniture at Singapore stores.

Your living room should have minimal, contemporary furniture blended with comfortable accents. Achieve it through soft area rugs and throw blankets. Capitalise on the calm, comfortable elements of this décor style when you decorate your bedroom. Opt for light wooden bed frames at Singapore furniture stores. Your dining room should promote the notion of simplicity and cleanliness. Make a room that is open and classy yet casual enough to dine in.

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