Personalized Bobbleheads For Parties is A New Trend

For those who are looking for impressive giveaways for parties, bobbleheads are currently the hottest trends. Even though this is not a new giveaway idea, more people are still wanting their guests to bring home their customized bobbleheads. If you are considering this idea too, then here’s everything that you need to know. 

The Rise of Bobblehead Popularity

Bobbleheads have been around since 17th century Asia. They were traditionally used to depict different religious figures, like Buddha. Then they reached the Western world in the 60s were pop culture icons like Mickey Mantle and the Beatles who were the first ones with Bobbleheads made for them. Then, later on, they became the comedic depiction of celebrities and athletes. 

Through the years, the bobblehead industry became stagnant, until in the late 90s when it became a huge part of Major League Basketball, specifically the San Francisco Giants. They had bobblehead giveaways which became one of the most sought-after merchandise of the team. And these days, more and more companies offer customized bobbleheads for everyone. 

Personalized Bobbleheads for Parties

In the past years, bobbleheads as giveaways for parties have become popular too. Their cute and humorous appearance made them a good collectible. If you order from the right makers, they can create funny bobbleheads for you. Most of them are made from resin and plastic materials. But there are also bobbleheads that are made from ceramic. That is why those who are looking for a hilarious giveaway option for parties, consider bobbleheads. 

Customized Bobbleheads Online

The Custom Bobblehead store online can create personalized handmade bobbleheads for you depending on your preferences. They are meticulously sculpted without the use of machines or printing devices. Each bobblehead created is made by hand. This gives you an assurance that your bobblehead orders are authentic. 

All you need is a clear photo of the person that you want to make a bobblehead for. And before it proceeds to the sculpting process, you will receive an email together with an image of the product. Once they receive a go signal from you, the sculpting process will follow. After the party, you will feel like a celebrity when each of your guests brings home an adorable bobblehead that looks exactly like you.
Miniheads by custombobblehead are currently one of the most sought-after giveaways. If you want something cute that your guests can bring home, then the minis are the perfect option for you. You can visit CustomBobblehead’s website to check out your options. They have experts in bobblehead making who can make customized ones for you.