5 ways to get your husband to dress smarter

You might spend hours a week finding new clothes, sink all of your spare money into beauty regimes and makeup, but your other half probably doesn’t do the same. If you’ve got a partner who doesn’t dress as smartly as you do, fear not: below, we’ve put together some tips and tricks that will have your loved one dressing like an A-List celebrity in no time at all.

Talk to him about his fashion

The first thing you need to do when you’re trying to get your boyfriend or husband to look more fashionable is to talk to him about it. Let him know that you love him and want him to put more effort into his style, and tell him that you’ll help him. If it benefits the cause, you could compare your other half to friends who are more sophisticated, or to celebrities you fancy. It’ll soon plant a seed and show him that you’re serious about him changing his look.

Invest in a quality wristwatch

Wristwatches make a man look sexier and more professional. Say goodbye to the Fitbit or Apple Watch and invest in a quality metal watch from a premium brand. The good news is that, though you can blow thousands of dollars on expensive watches from brands like Rolex, you can also pick up middle-of-the-road watches from the likes of Casio and G-Shock that look smart, without breaking the bank. Let him pick his favorite or buy one as a gift.

Experiment with different accessories

Accessorizing is one of the best ways to make your man look smart and sophisticated without breaking the bank or making him feel uncomfortable. Whether you buy him a new pair of sunglasses, a fancy belt, or even an Irish hat to help him achieve that Peaky Blinders look at home, there are so many options to consider. Give him the tools he needs to look his best and allow him to find his own style. He might not get it right every time, but if you leave him to his own devices with a few accessories to hand; the chances are he will sometimes! 

Make him follow men’s fashion blogs

Another way to encourage your partner to dress well is to get him to follow fashion blogs, websites, YouTube channels, and Instagram pages for inspiration and design ideas. The truth is that your other half is unlikely to become a fashion designer overnight, but a little push in the right direction will give him some more confidence and help him find new ways to express himself. If he can see other people his age and body shape dressing well, he’ll find the process of looking for new clothes much less daunting and can relax into his new style.

Compliment him on his look

Finally, one of the best ways to get your man to invest more of his time and effort into looking good is to compliment him when he dresses up. Let him know that you love it when he wears a shirt and some smart shoes, and put in the effort, too, dressing up to impress. Doing this can put the spark back in your relationship and bring the pair of you closer together. Plus, the more compliments and affection he gets when he dresses smart, the more often he will!

Do you have any tips or strategies? Let us know and check back to Outlets Deal for more.