Wineries In Malaga: Travel Guide For Wine Lovers

Malaga is no longer just an airport. It has now turned into a top-notch travel destination where tourists can explore numerous art galleries and museums, have fun at the beaches, and much more.

The wine scene in Malaga has also changed in the past decade. The once-sweet wines from traditional wineries that dominated the market are now taken over by small producers. They are bringing back old vines and introducing new grape varieties to the region.

Exploring the top wineries near Malaga is nothing short of a delightful experience, and we are here to suggest you some. Take a look at our list below.

  • Bodega F Schatz

With a family history dating back to 1641, Friedrich Schatz hails from a long line of winemakers from Wurttemberg.

His winery was the first in Andalusia to achieve organic certification. The Schatz collection comprises six biodynamic wines, including a Chardonnay, a rose, and four reds, among which the standout is Acinipo. Visitors can enjoy tastings while enjoying the picturesque view of the grounds.

  • Bodegas Dimobe 

Bodega Dimobe is situated in the White Mountain village of Moclinejo, nestled below Juan Munoz Anaya’s family home. His grandfather established the winery in 1927. 

Like many vineyards in the area, Dimobe’s vineyards consist of small plots scattered throughout the Axarquia region, featuring steep slate slopes facing towards or inland the Mediterranean. The grapes grown here include Rome, Moscatel de Alejandria, or Pedro Ximenez. They have recently included Petit Verdot and Syrah.

  • Bodegas Bentomiz

Bodegas Bentomiz was established in 2003 by Clara Verjeih and Andre. What started as a simple production for personal enjoyment became a true passion for Verjeih. 

Both took charge of constructing the stunning slate building that now houses the restaurant and winery. Their Ariyanas line of sweet and dry wines primarily features Rome and Moscatel de Alejandria grapes. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the premises followed by a wine tasting in the restaurant.

Final Words

Visiting and exploring wineries in Malaga offers a great experience for both wine enthusiasts and casual visitors. Whether you want to treat your palate with exclusive wines or simply want to relax in a pretty place, visiting wineries in Malaga is a memorable adventure that shouldn’t be missed.