What Does STE BEE 925 Mark Mean On A Ring?

The 925 mark on silver jewelry is an indication that is it sterling silver and not pure. If added with STE BEE, circled in an oval on the jewelry item, it signifies the maker’s name. So, when you come across STE BEE 925 ring stamp on jewelry, it indicates sterling silver gold plated with 7 diamonds that looks like cubic zirconia.  

What is the Main Idea behind STE BEE 925 ring?

The STE BEE 925 ring is significant of BEE jewelry manufacturers from Mascot, New SOUTH wales, Australia. The BEE is a manufacturing brand where shoppers get to know about the manufacturing team. It is also part of the brand’s trademarks that shows the excellence of its craftsmanship in manufacturing the rings and other jewelry items. 

Without the right alphabets stamped on the ring, it may not be possible who the actual manufacturer is. A single change in the trademark can indicate a different manufacturing team. So, one has to be careful when looking for the mark to authentic the purchase of sterling silver jewelry online or offline. Before you trust the stamp, make sure that it gives sterling silver with other added items as promised.

Authentication of Mark can be Beneficial

When investing in a big amount for the purchase of the items, it is important to check the authentication of the mark. This would indicate the manufacturing team responsible for crafting the jewelry piece. If you get STE BEE 925 ring with the correct symbol on it, you should get a suitable discount from the manufacturers.

Therefore, the shoppers need to check for the authentication of the sterling silver jewelry online and part of the team that it claims to be. Check the mark as it guarantees that you are investing in the option you can treasure for a long time.