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Rolex Pearlmaster: Great Asset in the Oyster Collection

Rolex Pearlmaster is a great addition to the Oyster collection, it is an ideal watch that expresses sheer excellence and refinement. When we talk about the height of beauty and class, this Rolex Pearlmaster, which comes along with the 18 CT Gold and diamonds, is the best example.  

Do you know a few things which women love in the world? One surely has to be her jewels which could be gold and diamond, and the second is surely her watch. These are two accessories that every woman will have, and they love wearing these with all their outfits, be it Indian, western, or professional. What if we could combine both of their favorite accessories and get them in one form?  

This could be one of the most priced accessories for women out there. This is exactly what Rolex did with Rolex Pearlmaster. This was a very smart move initiated by Rolex, as it understood that this will be one of the best sellers for women, as they are getting 2 in 1 everything they could ever ask for, along with utmost grace.  

  • Most Beautiful Diamonds Of The World: 

The Rolex Pearlmaster displays one of the most beautiful diamonds of the world, which look classic on the wrists of the women. Here are the primary features of the watch. 

  • Irresistible Charms: 

The Rolex Pearlmaster features very soft curvy lines. One of the primary features of the watch is its unique and beautiful dials which have some exquisite diamonds on them.  

  • Gold Studs: 

The Rolex Pearlmaster version is available in two forms which are 18 CT white gold or the Everose Gold. Rolex very particularly makes the watch in its factory with utmost perfection.  

  • Intense Radiance: 

One of the most special features of the Rolex Pearlmaster watch is its diamonds, which grace the watch’s overall look. These diamonds get selected as per criteria set very rigorously, along with keeping the finest traditions intact. Hence, the watch looks like highly intense radiation. In addition, Rolex has its very own gemmology laboratory. This is where experienced experts are there to check the quality of these stones. For Rolex, quality has always been the top-most priority.   

  • Waterproof: 

The bracelet of the Rolex Pearlmaster watch is known to be waterproof and guaranteed by the experts to a total depth of 330 feet.  

Hence, the Rolex Pearlmaster watch is made with utmost perfection.