How To Organize Your Bedroom

If you have difficulty settling down into sleep each night, your disorganized bedroom may be to blame. A cluttered space can keep you from feeling relaxed and ready for sleep. Follow these tips to cut the clutter and organize even the smallest spaces so you can rest easy in your serene bedroom.

Start With Your Nightstand

With its close proximity to the bed, your nightstand is often home to a wealth of clutter. Add storage solutions such as jewelry drawer organizers or charging station organizers to keep clutter at bay. Often used items should be placed in the top drawer of your nightstand while items used less frequently belong in lower drawers.

Control Your Closet

While it might be tempting to simply close off closet clutter behind the doors, the cluttered energy will seep into your bedroom space. Take the time to organize your closet with a system that makes sense to you. Also, consider seasonally auditing your wardrobe to see if you can donate items that you no longer wear.

Optimize Your Under Bed Storage

Out of sight but easily accessible, under the bed storage is a great solution for tackling bedroom clutter. It is the perfect place to store bulky items like gift wrap and suitcases. If your room is short on floor space, you could also consider storing clothing under the bed in rolling crates to free up space that would otherwise be occupied by a dresser.

Place Artwork On the Walls

You might be tempted to have small works of art or photographs placed on the horizontal surfaces in your bedroom. However, placing artwork directly on the walls will keep those spaces clear and give a streamlined look to your space.

Deploy the Essentials

A bedroom isn’t complete without a laundry hamper. Dirty clothes never belong on the floor and a stylish yet practical laundry hamper is an essential item for any well-organized bedroom. Don’t forget about the wastebasket either. While your bedroom doesn’t generate as much trash as the kitchen, a small trash bin is necessary for collecting tissues on other small pieces of trash that may appear. It is possible to find a simple, small, and attractive bin that doesn’t detract from the bedroom décor.

Organizing your bedroom may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these simple tips to take a stepwise approach to get the clutter under control. You’ll sleep better at night and be glad you put in the effort.