Friendship Fashion Jewelry Ideas for Teens and Young Adults

Finding your soul mate doesn’t automatically mean your romantic significant other. Sometimes, it’s also your best friend that you can laugh with and rely on. A best friend’s bond is unbreakable and perhaps we already knew this as a child when we wore matching bracelets with our best friends.

While we certainly shudder at the thought of bringing back the cheap plastic barely-jewelry —now that we’ve all grown up we can afford a more sophisticated version of our beloved friendship fashion jewelry pieces.

Whether you’re going to give it as a gift or just a fun after-bonding idea with your friends, you can never go wrong with these lovely and chic friendship jewelry ideas:

  1. Sun and Moon Pendant Necklaces

Friendship jewelry doesn’t need to be matchy-matchy. Take these sun and moon pendant necklaces for example. It’s a great friendship jewelry idea for two friends who want a design that is versatile for everyday use.

You can opt for a thin necklace with a short chain so you can layer this jewelry with other fashionable necklaces. Or you can look for large sun and moon pendants and have them on an 18-inch chain for a semi-statement piece.

  1. Yin and Yang Drop Earrings

The concept of yin and yang is derived from Chinese philosophy. Unlike what others might think, yin and yang are actually not opposing but rather complementary to each other. While they are different, they balance each other out making it an ideal dynamic system.

Just like no two best friends are completely the same. But instead of arguing over the differences, you can celebrate them! These yin and yang drop earrings are cute and whimsical jewelry pieces that you can add to your collection. Since it’s black and white, you can easily incorporate it into your outfit or jewelry look without any problem.

  1. Pizza Slice Charm Bracelets

If your friend group is up for quirky friendship jewelry designs, then this pizza slice charm that creates a full whole pizza will be a cute addition to your friendship bracelets collections.

It’s inconspicuous, people can just assume that you really love pizza. But the closest to you will know the meaning behind this funky and cheesy jewelry. Even better —you can fill your whole charm bracelet with different charms that remind you of your friends. You can switch or trade with each other and it’ll be a fun group idea.

  1. Locket Necklace

A locket necklace is such a classic I-want-to-appreciate-you jewelry design. It’s definitely not just for star-crossed lovers during the 80s era. You can use a chic locket necklace to keep a miniature photo of your friends and keep them close to your heart.

If you’re not a fan of DIY-ing, a lot of fashion jewelry boutiques will actually help you in fitting your photos inside the locket. But if you’re doing it on your own and you know you’re not that crafty, you can opt for a simple yet elegant vertical rectangle locket necklace to easily fit your photo in.

  1. Puzzle Piece Anklet Pendant

A little different than your usual necklace or bracelet friendship jewelry, anklets also make for cute friendship jewelry to symbolize that you have each other no matter where you go.

The puzzle piece pendant on your anklet also symbolizes that even if you are different individuals, you still complete each other. The best thing about this design is that it can accommodate no matter how many you are in a friend group.

  1. Engraved Bar Necklace

For a more sophisticated touch, a matching engraved bar necklace will definitely be a chic design idea for a friendship bracelet. You can engrave your name on every bar and blindly choose whose bar pendant you get to wear.

If all of you are working, then this jewelry will fit right in on the corporate dress code. It’s elegant, minimal, and of course, meaningful.

  1. Pinky Promise Linking Bracelets

For the best of friends, promises are not meant to be broken. Show your loyalty to each other through this cute pinky promise linking bracelets. There are a lot of style varieties for this particular design so you and your friend will not have a hard time picking what suits your personalities.

Personally, we love getting friendship jewelry pieces that are quite minimal in nature so it’s highly wearable on almost all occasions and you can layer them with other jewelry pieces to change your style. So going for a thin-sized chain bracelet rather than a thick chunky bangle will be a more versatile option for you.

But if you’re committed to the design, then feel free to make it the star of the show with the maximalist styles.

  1. Constellation Earrings

Whether you believe in the zodiac signs or not, you can’t deny that a pair of constellation earrings would look amazing on you and your friends.

You can go for your zodiac sign or just opt for a constellation that you like. Regardless, the starry design is incredibly elegant. You can also pick a pair of constellation earrings that cups the outline of your ears for a bigger design effect. A lot of fashion jewelry wholesale of this particular design doesn’t need multiple piercings to be worn so you and your friends don’t need a painful trip for additional piercings!

  1. Letter Pavé Adjustable Rings

If you’re planning to surprise your friends with friendship rings, it can be a nightmare trying to secretly find out their ring size. To solve that, you can get these adjustable rings that can slightly bend to whatever ring size the wearer has.

For the design element, you can never go wrong with a letter pavé made with cubic zirconia or diamonds if you’re feeling fancy. The letters could be each of your initials so everyone can still have a personal attachment to it even if it’s a friendship ring.

Plus, letter rings are one of the most versatile designs that you could have. Because sometimes, it’s a struggle to have matching designs with your friends when each of you has different personal styles.