Exploring The Apple Ecosystem: How An Iphone Started Everything

The Apple Ecosystemis not just a set of gadgets you can flex on social media to assert dominance because, on the contrary, owning these things is not to have a status symbol that sets you above the rest. Also, choosing between an affordable laptop in Singapore or the latest MacBook model is not a matter of who is more powerful.

It is a choice, and here’s how one device lured me into the seamless world of the Apple Ecosystem.


The coronavirus pandemic gave rise to remote working and improving our digital workstations at home. Before, the run-of-the-mill corporate professional used a company-issued laptop or any other model that does the job alongside a mobile phone that lets them connect with their colleagues. However, things changed, for me and everyone else out there, when companies implemented a work-from-home scheme.


Before, I only used a company-issued laptop and a simple mobile phone for work because I did not want to spend money on something temporary. In fact, buying a new iPhone in Singapore was not one of my plans because my three-year-old one is still working, and I usually use the company-issued mobile device for everyday use. Aside from that, the need for an internet tablet somehow became strong because being at home means trying to be productive and entertained.


As mentioned above, I did not plan on purchasing a new mobile phone because I usually stretch them for four to five years, but something happened that made me go to an electronics store: I needed to run a platform that required the latest version and model. So, I bought the newest iPhone model, and that is where the journey began.


After enjoying the shiny and shimmering new device with everything but the kitchen sink, it dawned on me the idea of exploring gadgets other than the very popular iPhone. So, I checked the latest model iPad Air in Singapore and immediately bought one for personal and corporate use. Also, I checked the smartwatches and other peripherals, but maybe in the next chance because I did not want to purchase everything in one go. (Tip: You can buy everything in one transaction as a package deal but make sure you think before swiping your credit card or transferring funds to the retailer.) 


Having a MacBook, iPad, and iPhone is life-changing because of the seamless experience. Aside from the beauty of these devices because they have the same shade of colour and sleek appearance, it was easier for me to use them hand-in-hand, such as transferring files wirelessly through AirDrop or syncing all data to access them with my gadgets. I did not have an ounce of regret because the premium price was worth it and they have helped me elevate productivity during work days and keep me entertained on weekends.

That is how one smart phone in Singaporechanged the way I interact with gadgets. Visit ITEZ.SG, check their website, and get the electronics that suit your needs!