Avail the best mobile and Smartphone protection plan in India

In the past two decades, there is astronomical increase in mobile users who are using mobiles and smart phones manufactured by various companies in wide price range.

Mobiles and smart phones have almost become an integral part of our lives as we use those not only for communication purposes but also for other reasons like net banking, online selling and purchasing and storing much other valuable information etc.

Being a status symbol, people do not mind spending heavily in buying costly mobiles and smart phones.  Keeping in view high cost and personal data stored in them, it is imperative for the mobile/Smartphone owner to ensure safety and security of their mobile/Smartphone.

Safety of mobiles/smart phones

Although many mobile/Smartphone manufacturing companies claim their phone to be water and crack-proof device with solid unbreakable screen and immaculate fold ability.  Yet screen of these phones gets damaged or broken due to impact of accident or unintentional drops or slips.  

These gadgets can be quite expensive and need to be protected from theft, accidental damage due to liquid spill or fall resulting in broken screen etc.

Not many mobile and Smartphone users know that like life insurance cover, they also go in for buying a protection plan against such damages for their mobiles and smart phones.

Where can you have best mobile/Smartphone protection plan?

There many companies in India such as MCare that can provide complete protection for your mobile against all types of damages like physical damage due to accident, liquid spill or screen damage.

The phone buyers are recommended to buy an insurance plan for the best mobile protection against liquid damage or any other damage for a specific period for a nominal fee.

You must choose the best Smartphone protection plan preferably same time while purchasing a new set and ensure protection against theft, loss, accidental or liquid damage and possible malfunctioning of phone.

Best Smartphone protection plan from a reliable and experienced company will collect the phone from your home, repair it through skilled engineers and deliver your Smartphone or mobile in perfect running condition with 100% cashless payment.

For mobile insurance holder, getting the device repaired for all type of damages is very easy and hassle free. 

Key Benefits of Accidental & Liquid Damage Plan

When you buy the best mobile protection against liquid plan; you will not have to bother for identifying repair centre, pay substantial amount for repair and surety of genuine parts.

Otherwise also repair from outside sources is costly as well as risky preposition. That is why it is prudent for the mobile or Smartphone owners to have their device insured and have:

  • Security from theft or loss
  • Hassle Free claim experience of unlimited amounts
  • Doorstep pick-up & drop, free of charge
  • Repair with genuine parts by professionally trained engineers without downgrading your model
  • Seamless Assistance 24×7

People keen on finding best Smartphone protection plan, can rely on MCare-India’s Fully Integrated Mobile Protection Company.

MCare is most professional and upcoming Mumbai based organization having pan India presence for securing impeccable protection for their mobiles or smart phones.