5 Style Tips for Wearing a Batik Dress

Wearing clothes has been a fundamental aspect of human nature since the beginning, regardless of who you are or where you live. Apart from keeping you safe from the environment’s temperature, it also helps you to look good and presentable. The problem is that some people lack fashion sense, even if they only wear a patterned maxi dress in Singapore.

Rather than waiting for the fashion police to notice your unique way of dressing, here are some style tips for wearing a batik dress in Singapore.

1. Pair It with Either Black or White

If you are not comfortable wearing a batik dress that is way above your knees, consider pairing it with black or white bottoms. Whether leggings or trousers, they will work since black and white are neutral colours.

2. Pull Out a More Audacious Colour to Feature

You can also do this if you are feeling bolder. Just make sure when you do this, you should choose an audacious colour that has the same colour scheme as your batik dress in Singapore. Doing so should help highlight both ways: the plain and the patterned ones.

3. Opt For Minimal Accessories

Since batik dresses have unique patterns, you should try not to wear too many accessories. Otherwise, you might look like a Christmas tree that has all sorts of ornaments.

4. Get A Denim Jacket

Whether it is cotton or not, your dress with batik patterns in Singapore will look great with a denim jacket. Wearing this type of coordination will help you look more youthful.

5. Wear Something Neutral Underneath

If your batik dress has a spaghetti strap, you can wear a plain white or black shirt underneath to look more conservative.

These style tips will help you look modern with batik clothes in Singapore. Consider trying them out by getting yourself a few batik dresses from a trusted clothing store like Anmako Singapore.