5 reasons why you should consider buying a ring online

Shopping for wedding or engagement rings can be one of the most exciting times of your life: you’re either planning on proposing to your partner, or you’re the happy couple ready to walk down the aisle and need to select a ring that suits you both. Although there’s something special about calling into the local jewelry store to select a ring or visit the shopping mall, there are some advantages to buying your ring online instead. We’ve rounded them up…

A broader range of choice

Perhaps the most obvious advantage to buying a ring online versus in person is that you’ll have a broader range of choices. Most high street and chain jewelry stores carry a very limited number of options for engagement and wedding bands, and because you’re one of a kind, it’s only right that you should find something a little more bespoke online. Whatever your taste, style, or budget, you’re bound to find something that you can fall in love with.

Allows you to research your options

Another reason why a growing number of couples are turning to online ring shopping is that they can research their jewelers before they get started. Rather than hoping for the best or assuming that a jewelry store is good because it’s local, you can spend some time reading reviews on Google, Facebook, and other review websites to get a feel for the quality of the products, as well as understanding what the customer service is like. If you see tons of bad or negative reviews, you know to steer clear and look somewhere else to find your next ring.

Could save you some money

Let’s face it: the reason why we shop online more than on the high street is that it’s cheaper, and that’s also true for jewelry. Although you can still expect to pay several thousand dollars for a good quality diamond ring online, you don’t have to pay towards the upkeep of their shop rent, their retail staff, and so on, meaning that you can expect to pay between 10% and 40% less for the same product online than you would in-store. That’s great news for those of us on a tight budget, or those who simply want to save some extra cash. Yep!

Means you can window-shop at all hours

Whilst you’re limited to shop hours if you’re buying from the high street, you can look for a ring online any time of the day or night. Some women spend months researching into the different rings on the market, and so being able to do so when you’re on your way to work or you can’t sleep in the middle of the night makes sense. Then, when you find your perfect ring, you can order it – even if it’s 4 am – and start the excitement of waiting for its delivery.

You can see other people’s rings

Finally, a benefit of buying a ring online is that you get to see other people’s rings, too. eCommerce websites have to work harder to get you to spend your money, and as such, they often post videos and images of models wearing their rings. This allows you to see them in all of their glory and compare them on real hands similar to yours. You could even use those images to run a poll on your Instagram and get friends to choose their favorites.

Still on the fence about buying a ring online? Share your story in the comments below and check back soon for more tips on getting engaged and planning your dream wedding.