4 Ways to Make Flower Bouquets Last Longer in Singapore

Whether we’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to show our friends and family how we feel, flowers have always been at the centre of our events. Flowers convey all sorts of messages, from gratitude to love and respect. Why not give a treasured loved one some nice hand bouquets in Singapore for your next occasion?

There’s a downside to giving recipients flowers, though. They may be beautiful, but they’re fragile and don’t last as long as we hope. But if you’re attentive to them, they may stay fresher for longer! If you’d like to buy a flower bouquet, visit Sing See Soon today. They have a wide range of flowers and plants for your choosing in Singapore, which you can buy for any occasion throughout the year. 

1. Keep changing your vase’s water.

The longer your flowers stay in the vase, the more likely that the water you use for your flowers becomes a haven for bacteria. Prevent the growth and spread of bacteria that can harm your flowers! Wash out your vase and replace the water every 3 days at most.

2. Remove any extra leaves or foliage.

Getting a tulips bouquet in Singapore, or are you getting flowers with many leaves and long stems? Make sure no leaves are sitting below the waterline. If you eliminate them, you can decrease the risk of bacteria in the water.

3. Remove dead or dying flowers.

You can’t keep cut flowers from dying. Some will wither within mere weeks. After getting a flower delivery, check which flowers stay healthy and which ones have turned dark. Eliminate dying flowers to prevent the spread of mould.

4. Use cool or room temperature water.

 Using warmer water can kill your flowers faster. Most flowers will do best in cooler temperature water.

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